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Jan 10, 2008 04:40 PM

Clamming in Sebastian

I want to take my beautiful 5 year old grandson clamming. I heard that Sebastian is the place to go. I know nothing about it. Do I need a boat?? What do I need?? I love clams....Is this a good idea or not???

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  1. Not at this time:

    Once the red tide has subsided, you can eat all the fertilizer and misc. encrusted shellfish you want.

    Seriously, years ago, we had a healthy shellfish industry. Oysters and blue crabs were plentiful. Now, unfettered growth and pollution has caused the oysters and blue crabs to largely dissapear. The once plentiful horseshoe crab, a very good indicator of the health of our lagoon system is not very common any longer. Our dolphins are showing up with malingnant growths.

    I don't think I'd eat any shellfish from the lower reaches of the Indian River Lagoon.

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      Oh what a mess we've created in the name of progress! Big sugar is probably to blame for most of the fert problem if not all.

    2. Naysayers!! The IR Lagoon is in better shape now then it has been in a long time! 70% of farmed clams come from the IR Lagoon!! Clam farming is a major industry in that area. as far as doing it yourself.... There are a lot of good places. Just inside the inlet is my fav. This area also allows for good water flow which helps avoid the fert. prob mentioned before. It is a lot easier with a boat or even a canoe. Any muddy area is good. Good luck!! Enjoy!