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Jan 10, 2008 03:45 PM

Going to Santa Fe, what is new?

Going to Santa Fe in April for the big 25 anniversary and starting early on the food trail. What is new in town and if not new still great and who takes the best advantage of fresh local and good ingredients? All advice welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Search down a little. There have been more than numerous reports on Santa Fe lately.

    1. A lot of places in town (perhaps most notably, Aqua Santa) feature local ingredients. However, we won't have much local produce in April, except from greenhouses.

      1. I just spent five days in Santa Fe (my yearly jaunt) and had a fantastic dinner at La Boca, a new Spanish-influenced restaurant on Marcy Street, where Paul's used to be. It's smaller than an evening bag and reservations are essential, although I sat at the bar, which I would definitely do again. They periodically run a beef cheeks starter special, which was extraordinary. So, too, are the canelones hugging crab and scallops and pooled in a diabolically rich manchego cheese sauce. I also had dinner at the new Bert's La Taqueria, on Agua Fria, and Fernando Olea, the chef-owner, simply just cooked for me, and it was an unbelievable dinner. Why this place isn't busier is beyond me, because the guy can cook his ass off -- and will if you'll let him. Also had typically great meals at Guadalupe Cafe, Pasqual's, Bobcat Bite, Il Piatto, Mucho gusto (love this place!), Los Potrillos, and Harry's, which does the best scrapple anywhere.

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          Thanks for the updates, too much to eat in 4 days but we will take a serious whack at it.