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Where to buy TAB soda in LA?

I've been looking all over LA for the diet cola TAB. Haven't had any luck finding it. Anyone have any suggestions.. thanks

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  1. Galco's on York Blvd., 90041 - likely.

    1. Just go to a local store that sell Coca-Cola, smaller shops may be more accommodating, and have them order it for you. Unless the CC Bottler in your area doesn't make it, it should be available.....you may have to buy in case quantities........bear in mind, it may have a shelf life of 45 days only.

      1. Beverages and More (BevMo) should have it. They have everything there: Mexican coke, Moxie, Tab, Cheerwine except they don't have Latin sodas like Malta which is my favorite.

        1. I am the Tab pusher whenever my Tab-addict friend visits LA. The Ralph's on Sepulveda and Manchester near LAX carries it (they have it now, actually) and I stop there on my way to pick her up from LAX.

          Or you could order it online: http://store.drsoda.com/tab.html

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            I got at at Ralph's in either Manhattan or Hermosa beach. Maybe just call a few Ralph's stores near you and see which ones have it?

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              Ralph's on Wilshire at Bundy, as well as Olympic/Cloverfield

          2. They carry it at Vons Hollywood and Gelsons in silverlake.

            1. They always have it at Gelsons in Century City.

              1. Certain Ralphs stores in the Valley usually carry it, but your best bet is Smart and Final. The North Hollywood location usually has stacks of it. Leave some for me, though.

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                  I've seen it at Pavilions in Lakewood numerous times.

                2. Gelson's in West Hollywood has it.

                  1. I've always wondered - what does Tab taste like?

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                      Every Ralphs I go to carries it. (I'm in LBC) Tab is great, kind of like Coke Zero in a way, (real cola taste) with the slight sweet taste of Pepsi. Plus the can is pink... FABULOUS!

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                        Coke mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid

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                          I was tempted by Robin, now...I have my doubts! Thanks for the additional perspective :)

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                            I was a Tab devotee when it was sweetened with 100% saccharin. It was sort of an acquired taste, like mastiha or lapsang souchong tea. Then they went to a saccharine/aspartame blend and it's never been the same.

                        2. The Dr. Soda Company, 13291 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA. 91331
                          You can go to this store or buy it online from this website they have free delivery to LA & Orange County CA, I know I live in Virginia and I order it from the formy grandmother who absolutely loves TaB and she lives in Massachusetts and they don't make or sell it over here anymore, anymore questions about TaB email me directly at littlegirl61005@aol.com and put TaB in the subject line, hope this helps you out!!!

                          1. Try Gelsons Century City...

                            1. gelson's encino (they have the REAL tab, not the souped up Red Bull clone Coca Cola tried to introduce under the hallowed tab name).

                              1. In Culver City:

                                The Smart and Final on Venice Blvd. (between Overland and La Cienega)
                                The Von's Pavillion on Jefferson Blvd. (between Overland and Sepulveda)
                                The Ralphs on Overland (between Jefferson and Playa)
                                Gelson's in Marina del Rey
                                Gelson's in Century City

                                1. If you want to have it at a restaurant/bar, they have it at Laurel Tavern in Studio City.

                                  Laurel Tavern
                                  11938 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

                                  1. People have mentioned numerous places that I have seen it at recently. I'll add the Pavillions West Hollywood. I think its like one of the only 24 hour supermarkets still open in Los Angeles. Diet cola is generally nasty. Just providing a different view from all the praising. Also Tab changed its formula so its different from when I was a kid.

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                                      IMHO, Tab tastes awful and--change or no change--always has.

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                                        I have been a TAB [totally artificial beverage] fan since the 1960s. It's still the nutmeg taste that has me hooked. I'm on Long Island in NY, but seek out the product wherever I travel in the USA. Outside the US, TAB is not always a cola product.

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                                          Interesting. I was not aware of uncola TAB. I'll confess: I don't get the appeal of TAB, yet people I have known that like it do seem to obsess on it. Why? Nutmeg? There are so many other tasty cola or cola-like products. If you want a diet drink, surely Diet Dr. Pepper is superior? Is it the outre aspect, the rarity, the pop art packaging? I just don't get it.

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                                            since TAB was such a pioneer, the first diet soda, it's not surprising that it was an experiment gone wrong in that it didn't taste at all familiar. That may be it's appeal to some. But not to me.