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Jan 10, 2008 03:17 PM

Where to buy TAB soda in LA?

I've been looking all over LA for the diet cola TAB. Haven't had any luck finding it. Anyone have any suggestions.. thanks

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  1. Galco's on York Blvd., 90041 - likely.

    1. Just go to a local store that sell Coca-Cola, smaller shops may be more accommodating, and have them order it for you. Unless the CC Bottler in your area doesn't make it, it should be may have to buy in case quantities........bear in mind, it may have a shelf life of 45 days only.

      1. Beverages and More (BevMo) should have it. They have everything there: Mexican coke, Moxie, Tab, Cheerwine except they don't have Latin sodas like Malta which is my favorite.

        1. I am the Tab pusher whenever my Tab-addict friend visits LA. The Ralph's on Sepulveda and Manchester near LAX carries it (they have it now, actually) and I stop there on my way to pick her up from LAX.

          Or you could order it online:

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            I got at at Ralph's in either Manhattan or Hermosa beach. Maybe just call a few Ralph's stores near you and see which ones have it?

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              Ralph's on Wilshire at Bundy, as well as Olympic/Cloverfield

          2. They carry it at Vons Hollywood and Gelsons in silverlake.