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Denver Pizza

We just moved to Denver and are looking for the best pizza in the city. Any ideas????

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      I see Marco's Coal Fired pizzeria has been getting continuous favorable reviews since it opened earlier this year and has just been recognised as one of "The Best New Restaurants" in the latest edition of Denver 5280 magazine.


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        Marco's is a solid place. A friend of mine from SF and I indulged earlier this month. We felt like their pizza was better than A16's. Wine was served in the little Godfather glasses instead of a nice stem, so I don't think I'd go there for vino. The chicken wings weren't that exciting, but the pizza was lovely and the staffers were all great. The owner is very personable and charming--he's like the Bobby Stuckey of pizza and clearly understands excellent customer service.

        1. re: rlm

          A16 is a place i've yet to try?I know the head Chef changed,and the reports have been somewhat mixed.SF/bay area has a lot of choices for artisan pizza but from what I can gather none of them are outstanding.From the reviews over at Yelp,it seems that Marco is really 'Hands on' and this is reflected in the service and reviews.I hear the 'Happy Hour' specials are a steal also,which is a good way to introduce people to the unique product he's offering.Glad to see they are blazing a trail.

          1. re: xny556cip

            I definitely think Marco's hands-on approach sets him apart. He is clearly passionate about what he is doing and has passed that along to the staff.

            I think the wings would have impressed me more if I hadn't read so many over-the-top descriptions of their deliciousness beforehand and instead just let the dish do a "sneak attack" on me with its subtle flavors.

            I would like to mention again that Proto's has a new location in Broomfield (287 exit from Hwy 36) near the new Events Center. Please come support them so I don't have to drive to Boulder or Lafayette for my fix! <grin> There is free angled parking in front of the place and across the street (and they are near the garage). We have been there several times, but they are not visible from the road and are in an area still under development. The aloft Hotel is not open yet and there don't appear to be that many people living in the condos/apartments either.

            Both times that I dined at A16 were under Chef Christophe Hille. The current chef Nate Appleman and wine director Shelley Lindgren came to Frasca in Boulder for a special meal in 2006 and I recall having some outstanding meatballs. Shelley runs a top-notch wine program as well. They have a newer spot called SPQR. Not sure if they are splitting their time between the two now or what.

    2. In what area of town do you live?

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        1. I like Pantaleone's at Holly and Evans.

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            I would ditto RLM's list. I have to admit my guilty pleasure is Anthony's (they have several locations). I also like Wazees in Lodo. Overall my favorite is The Oven in Belmar. (FYI: Pasquinis also has a location on 17th which is closer to the Park HIll area.) Now I am hungry and its only 8:30am.

          2. Can someone tell me about BeauJo's? The ads are so groteseque, with all that pasta piled atop pizza crust, that I'm actually really curious. What is "Colorado pizza"? I remember the Sink's whole wheat crust with honey from years back; is that the extent of the CO twist?

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              Yes, BeauJo's brings you out honey to go with the crusts of their "mountain pies." If you feel as though you have to investigate for sociological purposes, go to the one in Idaho Springs off of I-70.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                beaujos is more like a casserole than a pizza. if u are a fan of the huge, thick deep dish chicago stuff, u might like them. i think its gross, but then im a fan of thin, ny pizza. my husband calls it "lumberjack pizza" as in u would have to be a lumberjack or someone who requires a ton of carbs and cheese to get filled up. one slice and ur done. but like i said im a ny pizza person, and this is definitely not ny thin style. seriously, its like about 4 inches thick and weighs as much as a sofa.

                1. re: cookmyassoff

                  Yes, BeauJo's is kind of gross (hence the "investigate for sociological purposes" quip). I am not even sure there are any left in the metro area, are there? Since this thread started in 2008, the original Virgilio's in Lakewood closed (another is open further south but I haven't been) and a couple of places I like better than any of them opened in Boulder: Pizzeria Locale and Pizzeria Basta. There's another Marco's now in the Vallagio development too.

                  1. re: rlm

                    There is a BeauJo's in Boulder.

                    Also in Boulder, along with Locale and Basta is DaLupo, also quite good, and a fast casual place called Tossa that is good and reasonable.

                    1. re: rlm

                      theres a beaujos in south centennial/highlands ranch, on county line and.....maybe university??? thats the one we tried for take out when we first moved here. i could barely carry the thing to the car cuz it was like 25 pounds. we each had a piece and were bloated. i think we just threw out the leftovers.

                    2. re: cookmyassoff

                      I agree that BeauJo's is kind of gross, but not because of the concept of thick "mountain style" pizza - it could be good, if the crust was really flavorful and crisp on the bottom like good bread and the toppings fresh and well-seasoned. But none of these things are the case, hence it's just a lump of flavorless, undercooked dough and Sysco-quality toppings. And I wouldn't compare it to Chicago deep dish at all; both are thick, but that's where the similarity ends. Deep-dish is totally different with a buttery pastry-style crust (not bready at all), massive amounts of cheese and toppings in the middle topped with the sauce, and meant to be eaten with a fork and knife. BeauJo's, on the other hand, is just really thick but otherwise normal pizza.

                      There's still one in Boulder, FYI, as well as Idaho Springs and Steamboat.

                      1. re: monopod

                        Not only COULD Beau Jo's be good, but it WAS good. About 20 to 30 years ago, their pizza was awesome, and they were very successful. Their pizza challenge was a classic part of Alferd Packer Days at CU when I was a student there. But the last two times I went (Idaho Springs and Boulder), I wasn't happy. Quality of food and service both went down a lot.

                        For a few years, Herbie's Deli/The Sink (the restaurant where Robert Redford famously used to work when he lived in Boulder) served Beau Jo's pizza under the Beau Jo's name. Then they dropped the name but continued to make pizza the same way. I haven't been there in a decade, so I don't know if they still have that style of pizza.

                        1. re: ToddBradley

                          Interesting about the Sink! They still have their "ugly crust" pizza, but the last time I had it - which is a couple of years ago now - it was pretty different from Beau Jo's. Beau Jo's is a very thick, soft and bready crust,; the Sink has a huge outer rim on the crust, but it's crispy and kind of thin in places (to the point of being hard sometimes).

                          Interesting to know that they both used to be good, since neither is very good now. There's a place in Portland, Maine called "Pizza Joint" which has an extra crust/extra cheese pizza that, in my mind, is what these places ought to be - the crust is crisp on the bottom but chewy, yeasty and rich in the middle, topped with lots of good-quality, slightly salty aged mozzarella (and, in my preferred version, thick-cut high-quality pepperoni and maybe mushrooms). I always kind of hoped that's what it'll be at Beau Jo's and the Sink, but after years of disappointment I stopped trying it.

                          1. re: ToddBradley

                            Interesting. Was it really that awesome or have your tastes just changed over time? ;) Has it not always been that thick? As they expanded did they start using cheaper ingredients?

                            1. re: rlm

                              Good point about my tastes changing over time. I'm sure I have higher standards than I did 20 years ago. However, even then I knew bad pizza (there's lots of that in Boulder) from good pizza. The edges of the crust has always been that thick, but the taste of the crust used to be better. And I assume they started using cheaper (and fewer) ingredients, too. Last (and probably final) time I went, the middle part of the pie was thin but soggy crust, with only a thin layer of cheese and toppings.

                              1. re: ToddBradley

                                I actually do think whole-wheat crusts with honey is an awesome idea...I've got no purist streak when it comes to pizza. As long the ingredients are quality and the execution is solid, I'm all for crazy concoctions. It's just that when it comes to pizza (and sushi), there's usually a correlation between supposed inventiveness and poor follow-through.

                          2. re: monopod

                            i wasnt exactly comparing it to deep dish, just saying that if u like deep dish, where one slice can fill you up, maybe u would like beaujos. but no, good deep dish is WAY better than beaujos. as i said i am a thin crust, ny style fan, but i dont necessarily dislike deep dish; ive had good deep dish with great crust. but when i think "pizza" deep dish is not what i think of. its not like i think deep dish is gross.....beau jos is gross. interesting that someone was saying it used to be good...i wonder what went wrong?

                      2. I also love The Oven and Proto's. Never tried Virgilios, though I've heard great things. Proto's should be relatively close to you if you live in Highlands. I also love Osteria Marco's pizza, for a more Italian style, less traditional pizza. great crust! Try the wild mushroom - it made even my carnivorous husband happy.

                        BeauJo's pizza has way too much crust for my liking, but that may just be a personal preference.

                        1. I like Papou's Connecticut Style Pizza on Leetsdale between Dahlia and Forest. Also try Nonna's on Leetsdale near Monaco. Both aren't too far from Parkhill.

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                          1. re: Pampatz

                            Tried Papou's over the weekend. It was our "picnic food" as we went to watch the great Glendale fireworks show. I loved it and found it sort of half-way between a Chicago style and an Italian style pie. I loved their red sauce (and I don't tend to get too excited about Italian-American pizza sauce) and it reminded me of youthful days in S. Denver at GeJo's. A very distinct flavor that I wish I understood and more importantly could duplicate. My pizza sauce continues to be crap. Greek oregano? Anyway- great rec Pampatz and I'll report back after a round 2 sampling.

                          2. www.anthonyspizzaandpasta.com

                            Unfortunately, being a Denverite and a Brooklynite (native) IMHO Denver lacks both the creative talent and correspondingly receptive, experienced palates to do good Italian (I won't even say "great") and that includes pizza. Anthony's takes the best whack at it though. Forget "Connecticut style" (whatever that is!) at Papous -- that eatery recently decided not to serve slices on the weekends! Pasquini's doesn't live up to whatever reputation it has and shouldn't make your short list. . Pasquini's "sister" resto, Serioz, in the Lowry Town Center at 2nd & Quebec actually makes a fairly good pizza (we esp like the whole wheat crust), but the sit down service can be really airheadish (even measured against the rest of Colorado's wait staff) and at dinner time there are LOTS of families with small children (not a big deal but if that's not your cup of tea be forewarned). Believe it or not, Woody's Wood Fired Pizza, on Evans and Monaco, has a fairly decent pizza by the slice, all you can eat on certain days (they take requests) but you have to hit it just right - it can really be "off" but it is worth a try.

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                              Chef Frank Bonanno in particular might take issue with the statement that Denver-ites are lacking in talent and sophistication when it comes to preparing and appreciating good Italian. Many of us who live here aren't even from Colorado, so how can you paint us all with the same brush? Let's stick to the chow, please.

                              1. re: rlm

                                Amen. Having recently moved here from Boston, I'm really excited about Denver's food scene, especially when it comes to mid-priced, cute-sexy neighborhood eateries (just hit Encore last night, will discuss both here & on my blog soon), of which Boston has a shocking and shameful dearth. Admittedly I haven't tackled Italian yet, still mourning my old neighborhood (the N. End). But the town has certainly proven me wrong about seafood.

                                If it doesn't have the range of ethnic cuisines our East Coast cities have, well, that's simply a function of geography. But talent, creativity and experience *aren't* functions of geography.

                                1. re: tatamagouche

                                  Well stated.

                                  Denver doesn't meet all of my foodie needs, but neither does any other city. Would we really want it to? Part of the fun of life is traveling and finding out what each city and region does the best and who runs the most talented kitchens. I don't want every city I visit to be the same. That doesn't mean we can't miss favorites from our hometowns horribly, but we shouldn't slam a whole segment of our adopted city just because we're jones-ing for something from our old neighborhood. I've had some of my own misconceptions about the state erased over the years, so I know what I'm talking about. :)

                                  1. re: tatamagouche

                                    As a native Denverite who has lived in Southern NH for many years, I have to admit that my original hometown could certainly use some better restaurants. Whenever I am visiting relatives in Denver, I am disappointed in the restaurants. The last one I really liked was (if I remember correctly) The French Bistro near Lincoln St. (?) but it has apparently closed. Compared to what I can get in Boston (or even Nashua!) the Denver restaurant scene is very disappointing. And this is going out with people who know good food when they see it.

                                    OK... tell me I'm wrong (please). If somebody can recommend a good quality, reasonable value restaurant in Denver, I'll have something to try on my next visit.

                                    1. re: zarquon

                                      I lived in Boston for 10 years, moving here in mid-07. I can definitely tell you you're wrong. But can you provide some parameters? Cuisine type, how you define "reasonable," etc.?

                                      1. re: tatamagouche

                                        I would have to 2nd that as well! I live in Southern NH and many foodies here describe it as a "culinary wasteland" of sorts. There are a few good to great restaurants in the area, but once you tire of the menus, it's hard pressed to find something new and exciting. We have to head to Boston to get chow worthy food most of the time. I've lived in Denver for many years, and never tired of the food scene there. We visit each year and so look forward to our favorite places.

                                      2. re: zarquon

                                        Have you checked out Frasca Food and Wine or the Black Cat or The Kitchen in Boulder? What about Rioja or Fruition in Denver or any of Frank B.'s places (Mizuna, Luca, Bones, Osteria Marco)? Deluxe/Delite? Sushi Sasa?

                                        1. re: rlm

                                          As long as we're listing :)...Beatrice & Woodsley? Black Pearl? El Taco de Mexico or Los Carboncitos? Heaven Star for dim sum? Izakaya Den? Z Cuisine? Panzano?

                                          1. re: tatamagouche

                                            YEAH. And Tacos y Salsas? Pupusas Sabor Hispano? Et cetera. We have so many talented, independent chefs now, and they can be found in both dives and white tablecloth establishments. Man, there is way more to Denver and surrounds now than steak and testicles. What places are your friends "who know good food" recommending, zarquon?

                                        2. re: zarquon

                                          Re "Whenever I am visiting relatives in Denver, I am disappointed in the restaurants." If you are visiting your relatives' favorite restaurants and their tastes don't mesh with yours, you are bound to be disappointed. When I am driving somewhere on a Saturday morning or whatever evening he's on the air now, I try to tune in to Warren Byrne's "The Restaurant Show." Many, if not most, of the people who call in are interest in steak and/or barbecue. Not that there's anything wrong.....

                                          1. re: zarquon

                                            Thank all of you for the suggestions... I'll try some of those on my next visit.

                                            RE the post on 4/9, these relatives have similar tastes and are well-travelled people who know food. None of us have ever been the chain restaurant or steakhouse afficionados in particular, but have very broad tastes.

                                            I was fortunate as a child in the 60s that Denver had so many diverse ethnic restaurants (Korean, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) that didn't appear in many other parts of the country until much later.

                                            Again, thanks for the suggestions.

                                            1. re: zarquon

                                              when u say "the french bistro near lincoln street" do u mean a restaurant called The French Bistro, or do u mean Le Central on 9th and lincoln? because it isnt closed down. i was just there. YUM. if u are into cheap but great latino and asian, hit south federal. but if u are looking for something a little "classier", this would not be a good choice, as it is definitely the hood.

                                            2. re: tatamagouche

                                              if u want "ethnic" (especially mexican/central/so american and/or asian) hit south federal. i am from the other coast (nor cal) and felt the same way when i moved here, until i found south federal. there are some really great places from alameda to hampden on so fed. also there is good indian food here and good sushi. check out tri-ocean market if u are looking for some good seafood to cook at home. they have some great "live" choices too.

                                          2. re: bennycheeks

                                            I think Colorado has an ample supply of good-to-great middle-to-high $ Italian. What it sorely lacks is the reasonable red sauce joints that make you want to eat there once a week, which the East Coast is littered with. You provided a link for Anthony's, which is a great example of a Colorado restaurant with no interest in quality food. They serve pasta dishes that wouldn't pass muster in a mall food court. Their pizza is average at best. I know it's a chain and I've only eaten at 3 of them, but those experiences were enough to end that experiment.

                                          3. I agree with The Oven and Protos recommendations. The closest I've found to a NY slice is Famous Pizza around 1st and Broadway. It's a dive but I have to stop in every once in a while for a fix.

                                            1. New York Pizzeria -- Leetsdale and Holly - for great thin, not too crispy, not soggy pizza. Stick to plain cheese or one topping to fully appreciate the crust, cheese, and sauce.

                                              As a long time New Yorker, I have an instant suspicion toward anything called "New York ________ " But this is good, authentic, non-fancy pie.

                                              And I second Anthony's but have only tried the downtown location. Good slices - about the only place here or NY where I prefer slice over whole pie.


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                                              1. re: ranthony

                                                I agree with New York Pizzeria as best in town. Also like Marcos. Another awesome New York-style pizza place (maybe NJ is more accurate but remember that's home of Tony Soprano) is Jersey Boys in Silverthorne. This is coming from a born and bred New Yorker. To the person below who thinks New York Pizzeria is too greasy, then you haven't tried real New York pizza. You need a little grease running off the pie.

                                              2. Of the places I've been in Denver, it's Virgilio's by a wide margin.

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                                                1. re: Chimayo Joe

                                                  The Oven
                                                  Osteria Marco

                                                  And ... the new Wine Experience restaurant, in the suburban Southlands sprawl mall. Matthew Franklin, the former chef at 240 Union, is now here and his pizzettes, of which there are only two, are fabulous.

                                                  1. My 2 cents:

                                                    -Papaus on Leetsdale is great. Different style of pizza (Conn style). I like the square cut, and the ample toppings.
                                                    -NY Pizza on Leetsdale is gross (way too greasy, not a clean place, and just not that great); I know this gets "Best Of" nods all the time, but I just don't get it.
                                                    -I personally love "Angelo's" Pizza on 6th Ave (just East of Pearl). It is a great classic style red checkered table cloth place, that has been around forever. This was a staple in my dating repertoire (back in the day). Their white pizza is very good.
                                                    -Beau Jo's is touristy junk. It is what they call "Colorado Style", but that just means, a lot of crust, and flavorless toppings. If you are really interested in trying this place, I would only go to the original location in Idaho Springs on the way back from Skiing. It still isn't all that good, but tastes a lot better, if you have spent the day on the slopes, and earned the extra calories.

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                                                    1. re: Booger

                                                      Yes, it sounds horrifying. But in a way that fascinated me, it looks so over-the-top.
                                                      But really, what does CO-style mean? Are you & rlm implying that yes, it's just about thick whole-wheat crust w/ honey?

                                                      1. re: tatamagouche

                                                        As others have indicated, the original in Idaho Springs has kind of a funky charm (rambling restaurant that stretches thru a few old storefronts, mining memorabilia, salad bar set up on old clawfoot tub, beverages served in Mason jars and yes, a squeeze bottle with honey for hipping pizza crusts). It's an institution -- esp when traffic is backed up on I-70. It lost a bit of its customer base when the brewpub opened on the next block. Don't judge it the way you would a pizza place in a city or metro area. It is one of those businesses established in a struggling little town -- and IMO, it works better there than on the Front Range.

                                                    2. For old fashioned Denver pies try,
                                                      Carl's on W. 38th Ave. and Perry.
                                                      Subway Tavern on lower 38th, below Pecos, kinda rough down there but good pizza.
                                                      Edgewater Inn on 23rd Ave west of Sheridan
                                                      Bonnie Brae Tavern on University Blvd. south of Cherry Creek

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                                                      1. re: chimay5

                                                        Amen on the Bonnie Brae Tavern! On our first family trip back to Denver last year (after moving to Chicago 7 years ago) the Bonnie Brae was on our list of "must-go-to." The kitchy 50s atmosphere (every shade of green laminate you can imagine) was just as I had remembered. We got the cheeseburger pizza with bacon (as suggested by a waitress so many years ago). It was good-greasy with ample toppings including American Cheese, dill pickles, ketchup, and ground beef. Our pitcher of domestic draft beer was the perfect compliment. My 7 and 4 year olds enjoyed the food and decor. Pizza in Denver is a hard sell, especially to a native of Chicago. After living there for 6 years, my husband and I just tried to embrace it for what it is and looked for unique pizza that was not defined by the crust. That high altitude, we concluded, just wreaks havoc on a traditional Chicago or NY style crust.

                                                        Bonnie Brae Tavern
                                                        740 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209

                                                      2. I just posted a review of Marco's on Larimer St here:


                                                        It's authentic Neapolitan pizza and coal fired wings.

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                                                        1. re: xny556cip

                                                          I'm confused. Another Marco on Larimer, not Osteria Marco?

                                                          1. re: tatamagouche

                                                            The new pizza place xny556cip raved about is at about 22nd and Larimer. Osteria Marco is on Larimer between 14th and 15th.

                                                        2. I don't eat a lot of pizza, so I'm not an afficionado, but I do enjoy Pasquini's.

                                                          A friend of mine appreciates Beaujoe's gluten-free pizzas. I'm not sure what kind of crust that is (cornmeal maybe?), but it's nice to have the option.

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                                                          1. re: Kitt

                                                            I'm a big fan of Enzo's on Colfax. The Pomodoro is amazing. The Spinaci is also great. We just tried Marco's Coal Fired this weekend and liked it a lot too. I really liked the wings, and am not usually a wing person.

                                                            1. re: margemayhem

                                                              I'm with you on Enzo's End—great crispy crust—although I wonder if I'd like it as much in a void, as opposed to in the cozy-cool den of iniquity that is the PS Lounge.

                                                              1. re: tatamagouche

                                                                Oh I hear you, tatamagouche! There's nothing like a pomodoro, a rolling rock, and one of those god awful, yet strangely delicious baby aspirin orange flavored free shots at PS Lounge! And don't forget the free roses for the ladies.

                                                          2. Went to Virgilios for the first time 2 years ago and have never looked back. This is hands down the best pizza I have ever had. IMHO of course. I drive people crazy because I always want to go there.

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                                                            1. re: ShoneyBear


                                                              Here's a review and some photo's to give you an idea of what to expect at Marco's,my favorite spot in LODO

                                                            2. What are opinions of the Walnut Room pizza? I had it last night before a concert... way above and beyond what I would expect from a rock and roll bar.

                                                              1. I checked into Pizza Republica the other night in Landmark. I was waiting on my much-better half as we were going to a movie at Landmark.

                                                                I had pizza and my wife and I split a bottle of Montepulciano since at $30 it was one of the lowest priced entries on an interesting (but horribly inflated) almost all-Italian wine list. Okay, maybe I had 3 glasses and she only had 1. Her fault for being late.

                                                                Anyway, with tax and tip I've just rifled through $60.

                                                                Service was pleasant and professional until my waitperson decided it was time for sidework. Then she vanished. I had a manager or two check in every once in a while which was nice, but they didn't offer to refill my water glass or clear my plate. The curse of the too-slow restaurant.

                                                                The pizza didn't meet my high expectations. The commitment to ingredients is there but the results weren't as good as I'd hoped. The crust is my main complaint- it's a very wet dough (can't imagine the hydration) and when they take your pie out of the oven they slide it onto a plate immediately. All of the condensation from the hot mass turns the crust into beyond-moist sogginess. Combine that with tomatoes (unremarkable but bright tasting San Marzano) that aren't drained very well and the fact that I had oily tri-colored peppers as a topping.. result was a very loose, wet mess on my plate.

                                                                The flavors were fresh but subtle to the point of "muted". How about some fresh herbs or garlic? The roasted fennel topping was a masterful idea... but the crust was a huge downer. It may be authentic- I don't know- I've never been to Naples. All said- $16 for a 10" thin crust pie that doesn't have truffles or lobster on it seems unreasonable. Granted- I'm not their demographic.. they are trying to attract the young and beautiful Landmark type folks.

                                                                Now- the Landmark Theatre experience- wow... can't afford to do it very often but what a great place! And the movie Hangover was as funny as folks told me. Riot.

                                                                Is this thread drift?

                                                                1. Also, Anthony's NY pizza - although it's now a big chain, it'ts still great NY style. Go to the original one near DU on Evans if you can. Virgilio's is supposed to be the best, although haven't tried it since it's not in my neck of the woods. Protos is great (and they have awesome gelato favors) and Lala's is good, too.

                                                                  1. A couple of new additions in Boulder that are in the running, both neopolitan style pies:

                                                                    Pizzaria Basta, at Arapahoe and 33rd or so (in the parking lot of the Pelaton condos), is quite good. Toppings can be a little on the bland side sometimes, but other times very tasty (housemade sausage, burrata cheese, etc.).

                                                                    Boulder Organic Pizza, at Broadway and Walnut, has a terrible name (I was imagining bready, whole-grain crust and soy cheese) but it's actually pretty darn good. Along with well-chosen topping options and a slightly charred, crisp-but-chewy crust, they offer a "Mezza luna" that's basically a pizza with half the crust rolled over and stuffed into a calzone, and the rest left flat and topped like a pizza. Interesting concept.

                                                                    Glad to see that Colorado, and Boulder in particular, finally has some worthwhile pizza options other than cheap college takeout. (Not that there's anything wrong with cheap college takeout... Cosmos in particular is pretty good.)

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                                                                    1. re: monopod

                                                                      Have to put in my two cents here about Buenos Aires Pizzeria--if you're wanting unique and authentic Argentinean toppings--blue cheese and hearts of palm, or proscuitto, for example, it's a nice change from some of the others mentioned.
                                                                      Anthony's is good NY style, so are Robert's or Brooklyn MC's (in Littleton) if you're looking for something family owned in that area.
                                                                      I've heard good things about Marco--yes, tatamagouche, not to be confused with Osteria Marco, which is amazing and not just for pizza!
                                                                      Virgilio's is great, better than the oven. I'd pass on Pasquinis, and have to agree with the swankiness of the PS Lounge, which definietely adds to the betterment of the pizza at adjoining Enzos...the single roses handed out to tippling ladies is a nice touch, too....

                                                                      Osteria Marco
                                                                      1453 Larimer, Denver, CO 80202

                                                                      1. re: Rebecca Caro

                                                                        Yes, I wrote that a long time ago... :)

                                                                        Still haven't been to BA Pizza, though, just BA Grill. Need to get there...

                                                                        1. re: tatamagouche

                                                                          Mister Always-Late-to-the-Party finally tried Marco's Not-Really- Coal Fired Pizza last weekend. The hype is deserved- it's very very good Neo-P style. The Not-Really-Coal Fired Limoncello chicken wings were extremely good too. I'm not sure I could make a regular habit of eating chicken wings that *aren't* spicy as I'm an addict- but these were a refreshing, tasty way to start a meal.

                                                                          1. re: e_bone

                                                                            OT, then, but where are your favorite spots for good wings?

                                                                            1. re: tatamagouche

                                                                              not who you asked, but easily the best wings I have had in the area and possibly anywhere are at Wild Mountain Smokehouse in Nederland. The wings are smoked then finished on the grill. They are tender and delicious, so much so that I often order wings as my entree. The fact the Wild Mountain is a brewpub with delicious beer (one of the best IPAs out there) is just a huge bonus. :-)

                                                                              1. re: LurkerDan

                                                                                sounds awesome LurkerDan. Wings and IPA are a food pairing that God has cast a favorable gaze upon!

                                                                                TTMG- I have a handful of wing favorites but there's no place that I'd put as 5 star-don't miss- etc.. Note that because I crave heat- someone could make an expertly crafted mild wing and I'd still shrug my shoulders. They have to have significant jump to have my attention. Also- I prefer the crispy style over soft-and-silky style. I want to be able to bite into a crunchy bone if necessary!

                                                                                Off top of head-
                                                                                * Woody's Wings (current favorite). A dumpy counter joint on North Havana in a "rollin' with the tre pound" neighborhood but they do wings and fries JUST the way I like. CRISPY and swimming in very spicy sauce. Their fries are really crisp too. They serve celery and blue cheese for $.75. This is a GREAT junk food spot. They have a companion store somewhere way out in east Aurora but I haven't been there.

                                                                                * The Piper Inn has the famous "Chinese Hot" wings that are a great change of pace. Sort of szechuan-ish or somethign with fried onion slivers, etc.. .They are hugely tasty and they serve cold beer.

                                                                                * I haven't had Luciano's wings on Broadway in a long time but I remember thinking that they were bomb-tastic.

                                                                                I know a lot of people say Cherry Cricket has awesome wings but I thought they were pretty pedestrian.

                                                                                Cherry Cricket
                                                                                2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

                                                                                Woody's Wings
                                                                                313 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010

                                                                                Piper Inn Bar
                                                                                2251 S Parker Rd, Denver, CO 80231

                                                                                1. re: e_bone

                                                                                  Thanks to you both...the Chinese hot wings sound especially great...I'm with you, Cherry Cricket Shmerry Cricket for the most part...

                                                                    2. Back to Pizza...I enjoy Original Pizza in Broomfield. Everything they do is solid Italian. Its a very unassuming place, but it is family run and the main guy is Ralph from Naples who's been in the kitchen for 25 years or more now. I love their conch spaghetti. I've been slowly going down their menu and everything is solid solid. The meatballs gave me a moment of reflection because I never thought much of meatballs and these made me understand why people can get so particular about them.

                                                                      Now I am not a real pizza aficionado, but when I go to the Mayan, I like the pizza at Famous Pizza that's a couple blocks down Broadway. Mainly because most of the time the pizza comes out of the oven with the thin crust nice and paper thin and crunchy and very hot, like a really good warm french loaf crust.

                                                                      Another place that I did not see was Wazee Supper Club. I like the pizza a lot but find that I have to order it with extra sauce to have it balanced perfectly. And its not trying to be a particular style except its own. You constantly see cops there eating the pizza. Not like I need them as a reference, but it is one of THOSE signs. Besides, Wazee is an institution worth a looksee at least once.

                                                                      Wazee Supper Club
                                                                      1600 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

                                                                      Famous Pizza
                                                                      2035 S Broadway Unit B, Denver, CO 80210

                                                                      4 Replies
                                                                      1. re: blisstone

                                                                        I keep meaning to get to Wazee. Thanks for the reminder. And: scungili? No kidding.

                                                                        1. re: blisstone

                                                                          I thought Ralph was from Brooklyn. You're saying he's from Naples? Given that their slogan is "From Brooklyn to Broomfield - Just For You!!!" I think I'm right.

                                                                          1. re: ToddBradley

                                                                            Ralph is from Naples, but he met his wife in America and I think he first opened a place in Brooklin, or his father in law had a place in Brooklin, but he is definitely from Naples. Had a talk with him about it.

                                                                            1. re: ToddBradley

                                                                              I am sorry for the double posting, the editing function is acting funky

                                                                          2. OK, I was born in Brooklyn, so ... Pasquini's is right up there in my personal top five. So is The Oven. Angelo's is good old-fashioned old school pizza. Bonnie Brae Tavern is amazing and lots of people swear by the Edgewater Inn.

                                                                            Lots of people love BeauJo's, but probably because it's an opportunity to put honey on the thick crust (really) ...

                                                                            4 Replies
                                                                            1. re: Leenda324

                                                                              Edgewater Inn is cafeteria style pizza.
                                                                              Carl's Pizza was pretty mediocre.
                                                                              Basil Doc's is bland and expensive.
                                                                              Anthony's is meh.
                                                                              Enzo's is overrated.
                                                                              Bennie Blanco's is occasionally OK, not often enough.
                                                                              Pizza Alley makes a good NY pie about half the time.
                                                                              Johnny's NY Pizza is about as good as an average Brooklyn pizzeria - probably the best NY style pie I've had here.
                                                                              Marco's Coal Fired is quite good.
                                                                              Walnut Brewery is cheap and passable NY style pie.
                                                                              NY Pizza on Leetsdale was awful the one time I tried it.

                                                                              Honestly I have given up and will settle for Papa Murphy's or Safeway prepared pizza most of the time, since it's about the same quality as most Denver pizza anyway.

                                                                              Walnut Brewery
                                                                              1123 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302

                                                                              Edgewater Inn
                                                                              5302 W 25th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214

                                                                              Pizza Alley
                                                                              3499 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

                                                                              Carl's Pizza
                                                                              3800 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

                                                                              1. re: bubba42

                                                                                Mmm, I love Enzo's. But I fully acknowledge that I'm seduced by the setting of the PS Lounge.

                                                                                1. re: bubba42

                                                                                  omg u cant be serious. papa murphys is sssooo nasty, with that saltine cracker crust. we are eating a fresh anthonys pie (the one on belleview) and while its not the best pizza on the planet, its pretty good and its hitting the spot. the crust is fresh, chewy/cripsy and obviously hand tossed. u can taste the herbs in the sauce. papa murphys? hardly.

                                                                                2. re: Leenda324

                                                                                  Quick bump on this thread.. had VERY good pie the other night takeout from the lame-named Garlic Knot outpost in University Hills (Yale and Colorado Blvd). Substantial pizza- crumbled sausage (my favorite style), artichokes, etc... I see on their website that they get a lot of praise for great New York style but honestly- I don't know enough to say and I know how ex-pats from the Burroughs love to scream "sacrilege!" if you say something's New York style pie.

                                                                                  Will have to go back before and try again before I deem it a "favorite" but first trip was very encouraging. http://www.garlicknotpizza.com/

                                                                                  The garlic knots were really tasty.. good way to spoil an appetite!

                                                                                  Garlic Knot
                                                                                  8375 N Rampart Range Rd, Littleton, CO 80125

                                                                                3. I have to throw my 2 cents in and agree with the several Virgilios mentions. But a close second for me is The Garlic Knot that has 3 locations that I am aware of. (Really good Garlic Knots BTW). I think Beau Jo's is about one step above Pizza Hut myself, So very overrated.

                                                                                  Garlic Knot
                                                                                  10143 W Chatfield Ave Ste 9A, Littleton, CO 80127

                                                                                  5 Replies
                                                                                  1. re: memrich

                                                                                    Big Bill's on Arapahoe and Holly for NY style.

                                                                                    Marco's (two locations) and Pizza Republica for Neapolitan style (both are certified) and fancified pies.

                                                                                    Pizza Republica
                                                                                    5375 Landmark Place #113, Denver, CO 80111

                                                                                    1. re: memrich

                                                                                      How about 2 steps below Pizza Hut.

                                                                                      1. re: Grey Fox

                                                                                        anthonys is 2 steps below pizza hut? yea right. youve either been going to a REALLY good pizza hut or a REALLY bad anthonys. i know that each anthonys can vary though. the one we lived by on south university, well, kinda sucked. it was still better than pizza hut though. the one on w. belleview is the best pizza in the area. the great ones that people are naming are mostly downtown or north denver and are to far away for regular ol "pizza night". there just arent a lot of good choices in the south e.wood/w. littleton area. so if u know of good, new york style pizza near federal and union, please let me know. but anthonys worse than pizza hut? yeah......not.

                                                                                        1. re: Grey Fox

                                                                                          at least the best pizza in the area ive found.

                                                                                        1. im not looking for the best pizza in the city, just the best pizza in the south englewood/west littleton area. we currently go to the anthonys on west belleview, which is pretty "new york utility pizza", like when u just go into any ol' place in nyc and get a slice. but if theres better in the area i want to know. im near federal and union (union is south of hampden, north of belleview)

                                                                                          1. I have been in CO for 20 + years, and almost 40 years of life (in the USA). it depends on which kind of pizza you like. There's Chicago style, NY, anything goes. . . .
                                                                                            For me MY style - definitely any of the Anthony's, or Pizza on the Hill in Boulder, Pasquini's is good. Anything other that thin, oily, is no t my gig. But, Beau Joe's is a Mtn staple - and yeah, have the crust with honey for dessert.

                                                                                            1. A bump here.. anything new on the pizza front in the Big City? I'm returning to town for a few days and am feverish for pizza these days. Especially craving a NY or Neapolitan style. Tried Parry's in Highlands Ranch a few months ago and was very impressed. It's craft beer Heaven too.

                                                                                              4 Replies
                                                                                              1. re: e_bone

                                                                                                Not really new anymore, but Pizzeria Basta and Pizzeria Locale in Boulder are absolutely killing it on the neopolitan front. Definitely worth the trip from Denver.

                                                                                                1. re: monopod

                                                                                                  I also really enjoy Lucky Pie in Louisville (a new one in Denver too, but haven't been there). A little less "gourmet" and stuffy than Basta and Locale (prices are a little better too, or rather the pies are bigger), but very tasty pie with very good ingredients and lots of great beer on tap as well. Bonus: Sweet Cow ice cream next door.

                                                                                                  Very kid friendly place, so if you don't like kids, don't go there during hours that harried parents might be there with their little ones. :-)

                                                                                                  1. re: LurkerDan

                                                                                                    thanks to you and Mono. I'm really hoping to grab something not-too-far as I'm stuck down in the Southern Burbs so perhaps it's back to Big Bill's or Parry's.

                                                                                                    All three of your ideas seem like great ones.. perhaps if I can find a co-pilot.

                                                                                                    Have either of you tried Kao's or Belemonti's?

                                                                                                    I've tried Jimanos and really liked that too- although I was looking for lighter, not heavier. Belemonti's looks like thick-n-gooey style.

                                                                                                    1. re: e_bone

                                                                                                      e_bone, for southern suburbs, Marco's has another location at i-25 and Dry Creek. Also try Via Baci at Lincoln and Yosemite.

                                                                                              2. I've been here for nearly 2 years after leaving Jersey. So far, Serioz on 17th and Enzo's on Colfax are the best I've come across. Anthony's will do in a pinch, but it really just makes me homesick because it's like a pale imitation of the local pies where I'm from.

                                                                                                I order from Oblio's pretty regularly - it's not bad. Beau Jo's... Meh. Not really what I envision when I think of pizza.

                                                                                                2 Replies
                                                                                                1. re: Heatherb

                                                                                                  It's not traditional pizza by any stretch, but I love the La Chagall (brie, apricot, green olives) at City O' City. Probably the best unique pizza I've had in any city. Tried it again recently and they've even improved on it since a few years ago.

                                                                                                  1. re: Heatherb

                                                                                                    I agree with Serioz on 17th. Thin crust; great sauce.

                                                                                                  2. Pizzeria Locale. On Broadway. One opening in the Highlands soon. And the one in Boulder is to die for.