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Jan 10, 2008 03:11 PM

Denver Pizza

We just moved to Denver and are looking for the best pizza in the city. Any ideas????

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: rlm

        I see Marco's Coal Fired pizzeria has been getting continuous favorable reviews since it opened earlier this year and has just been recognised as one of "The Best New Restaurants" in the latest edition of Denver 5280 magazine.

        1. re: xny556cip

          Marco's is a solid place. A friend of mine from SF and I indulged earlier this month. We felt like their pizza was better than A16's. Wine was served in the little Godfather glasses instead of a nice stem, so I don't think I'd go there for vino. The chicken wings weren't that exciting, but the pizza was lovely and the staffers were all great. The owner is very personable and charming--he's like the Bobby Stuckey of pizza and clearly understands excellent customer service.

          1. re: rlm

            A16 is a place i've yet to try?I know the head Chef changed,and the reports have been somewhat mixed.SF/bay area has a lot of choices for artisan pizza but from what I can gather none of them are outstanding.From the reviews over at Yelp,it seems that Marco is really 'Hands on' and this is reflected in the service and reviews.I hear the 'Happy Hour' specials are a steal also,which is a good way to introduce people to the unique product he's offering.Glad to see they are blazing a trail.

            1. re: xny556cip

              I definitely think Marco's hands-on approach sets him apart. He is clearly passionate about what he is doing and has passed that along to the staff.

              I think the wings would have impressed me more if I hadn't read so many over-the-top descriptions of their deliciousness beforehand and instead just let the dish do a "sneak attack" on me with its subtle flavors.

              I would like to mention again that Proto's has a new location in Broomfield (287 exit from Hwy 36) near the new Events Center. Please come support them so I don't have to drive to Boulder or Lafayette for my fix! <grin> There is free angled parking in front of the place and across the street (and they are near the garage). We have been there several times, but they are not visible from the road and are in an area still under development. The aloft Hotel is not open yet and there don't appear to be that many people living in the condos/apartments either.

              Both times that I dined at A16 were under Chef Christophe Hille. The current chef Nate Appleman and wine director Shelley Lindgren came to Frasca in Boulder for a special meal in 2006 and I recall having some outstanding meatballs. Shelley runs a top-notch wine program as well. They have a newer spot called SPQR. Not sure if they are splitting their time between the two now or what.

      2. In what area of town do you live?

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          1. I like Pantaleone's at Holly and Evans.

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              I would ditto RLM's list. I have to admit my guilty pleasure is Anthony's (they have several locations). I also like Wazees in Lodo. Overall my favorite is The Oven in Belmar. (FYI: Pasquinis also has a location on 17th which is closer to the Park HIll area.) Now I am hungry and its only 8:30am.