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Jan 10, 2008 02:38 PM

Interesting College Cuisine

I'm heading back to college this weekend, and I'm constantly hearing of food combinations. I usually just eat boring microwave popcorn and occasionally I splurge on Thai noodles (an extra .65 cents more than ramen, but slightly less bad for you...) or munch on whatever I can smuggle out of the caf, but it gets dull after a while, I'd like to spice it up :-) I thought it would be fun to see what everyone's favorite (or strangest) poor college student snacks/meals.

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  1. toasted english muffin, peanut butter, garlic powder, and bacos

    A feast!

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      I send my daughter Thai noodles and various goodies from Amazon - good prices and free shipping when you spend $25. Drop hints about this to your relatives....!

    2. The key to college cuisine is to ignore the rules about prohibited items. My little sister has outfitted her dorm room with a toaster, an electric griddle, a slow cooker, a George Foreman grill, an electric kettle and a set of good knives, all totally forbidden, in addition to the standard microwave and mini-fridge. She eats like a queen, and bribes the RAs with snacks to avoid detection and punishment. But there is always the risk of starting a fire...

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        Two of the colleges I have been associated with have had very, very tragic situations related to fires in the dorms and some of the small appliances mentioned above. Sadly, some families and friends will never be the same as a result.

        Definitely ask friends and family for care packages. Pick up fruit, nuts, and veggies wherever and whenever you can. One of my daughters worked part time at a nice restaurant so she got some great tips and a free meal of whatever she wanted. She met great people and even got better grades, so the work did not interfere with her academics. Good luck.

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          I worked super part-time (3-4 hours max during the school year) at a deli during college and loved it. I got tips and a free meal at the end of every shift. One of my good friends also worked at an Italian restaurant a few doors down so we would trade meals for variety. I made extra money AND got out of the monotonous grind of dorm food.

      2. I always seemed to have chips and salsa thanks to costco/sams club. My mom would send me back after breaks with a huge bag of chips and a gallon of salsa and I managed to survive on it pretty well. My younger sister went to a swankier college and had a kitchen in her dorm suite and made fried egg sandwiches all the time.

        Now there are those easy microwavable veggie bags in the produce section and I would have loved that when I was in college. I never have been one for cleaning and chopping veggies but I still like to eat them. (perhaps with a little shredded cheddar)

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          One of my former roommates would make microwaveable alfredo or simple stovetop like pasta roni, and add in a can of tuna....eww....I hate tuna. My favorite college microwaveable were the Tombstone mini pizzas, actually very good. Both of the dorms I lived in had a small crappy kitchen in the basement. I kept all my ingedients and pans in my room and baked constantly, and did lots of stovetop pasta and the Banquet meal-in-a-box. Get some throwaway tupperware (lasts forever) and eat the leftovers the next day.