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Jan 10, 2008 02:35 PM

Mammoth Mountain Recommendations?

I'm planning a trip with friends for next month but I haven't been in years. I figure there's probably some LA Hounds that like to get up to the mountain here and there. Any suggestions for good food (keeping it affordable- nothing too fancy), bars, or pubs?


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  1. there have been several threads on the California Board where your request should really be made, yet here is a link to at least one comment from around a year ago, yet covers many options, some of which may still be appropriate:

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      If you are in Bishop there is a really good Indian place I reviewed a couple of months ago. (Can't remember the name right now though sorry.)

    2. Stop in Bishop (about 45 minutes from Mammoth) and eat at Jack's. Very good comfort food! The chili is made with chunks of beef. Great hamburgers made with their own baked bread. And speaking of bread, if you are there during the day...definitely stop at Schat's bakery. It is a famous, delicious bakery that is filled with more bread than I've ever seen in one place and they make absolutely scrumptious sandwiches to take with you to the slopes!