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Jan 10, 2008 02:25 PM

Quick Advice sought!

Ok - First time poster go easy on me :p

Staying down at King and Spadina for the next 3 days, and am in search of great food - that wont break the bank!!!

Suggestions would be much appreciated...and try make it quick, cuz I'm gettin hungry! lol


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  1. If you're looking for somewhere close by, Brassaii on King just west of Spadina is reasonable and good -

    Also, Rodney's Oyster House -

    A bit pricier, to the east of King is Urban Restaurant -

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      If you are looking for cheap eats, check out the recent thread:

      I had pho at Pho 88 today and it was great...good pho and not a bad atmosphere... But I second Rodney's and Brassaii. Just be sure to skip most of the restaurants in the theatre area...most are overpriced and not worth it...

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        forgot the links -

        469 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1K4, CA

        461 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K7, CA

        303 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

      2. same owners as brassaii, but check out brant house - okay, it's a little clubby for my taste BUT they have a 5-8pm happy hour (I think thursdays?) where ALL drinks are 2.50 (mixed drinks too!) and fantastic apps are 1/2 price. then you leave right when the place is getting filled up with the ultra trendsters. perfect. at this point i usually stumble out and find some cheap chinatown noodles.

        1. Well, "not breaking the bank" is relative and subject to interpretation. I hope the OP found something suitable tonight and will venture further afield in the next couple of days.

          Niagara Street Cafe
          169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

          Pho 88
          270 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E5, CA

            1. I agree re: Rodney's. Or jump on the spadina streetcar for 15 min and get out at spadina/bloor. Walk around on Bloor Street in the Annex just West of Spadina. Dooney's has always been great. It's west of Spadina on Bloor St. (South Side).

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              1. re: troublebunny

                Thank you all for the suggestions!

                The GF had a craving for sushi, so we went to Sushi Bento I believe it was called, just west of King and Spadina, after reading a few good reviews for it here.

                I must say, I was sadly dissapointed.

                I ordered a Sushi plate - which I later found out comes with Miso Soup and Salad (both of which I was not served till after I was almost done eating my sushi, and asked the waitress "Hey, am I supposed to get a soup and salad with this???" Answered with a expression of total cluelessness)

                My GF's spicy tuna rolls were not spicy at ALL - and they had lettuce in them?!?!

                The sushi was good, not great...not somewhere I will be returning!

                I have read a lot about Niagra st Cafe - Friend of mine Jaimey Drummond whos the Som. for JK Wine Bar goes there a lot and loves it...may check it out.

                I think we will hit up Mothers Dumplings tonight for dinner (hope they are open for dinner!) and grab some chinese dessert buns for later :)

                Thanks again for suggestions folks.

                1. re: Sadistick

                  And BTW, if you do happen to check out Niagara Street Cafe you can congratulate the owner/sommerlier Anton Potvin. I read that he came in 2nd in a Wine Tasting Challenge this past month

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                    good sushi is not easy to get in downtown toronto...

                    spadina is a great area for value to money because of the chinatown. i haven't been in a while but my last trip to mothers dumplings wasn't as successful as previous ones. please understand that they're not the "best" dumplings you can get but they're darn good and the charm of the place is what lends to much of its praise. it's very very cheap as well. they are also definitely open for dinner.

                    other reliable options in chinatown include king's noodles (noodles, soups, essentially chinese fast food), nguyen houng (bahn mi), and kim moon (some baked goods but their menu dimsum is great).

                    you'll do well on queen west (king west is a bit of a wasteland in my opinion) and i think one of our tastiest casual italian joints is terroni. the bartenders do a great job at czehoski. i like the flair of banu (tasty testes and a great cheese starter). would much further west to the rhino if you're at all a fan of beer, it's much cheaper here than beerbistro at king and yonge or smokeless joes.

                    if you're looking to get fed at say 3am in the morn, try shanghai cowgirl on queen west between bathurst/spadina. they're open until about 4 and the ghetto chicken there rocks (fried chicken with some of the best smashed spuds ever). perogies and burgers are ok.

                    sushi is not easy in this town.... if you mention how wide you're willing to spread your net, it'll certainly be easier. most of the places i've mentioned are much more in the cheap eats category than others listed so far.

                    1. re: pinstripeprincess

                      I keep hearing they are the best for dumplings...if they are not - then who is? (and what if anything in particular should I order???)

                      1. re: Sadistick

                        I like the pork and dill at Mother's.