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GREAT pizza in Stamford?

I've only been living in Stamford for about six months but during that time I have tried no fewer than eight pizza places. I'm still wondering if I'm missing something great. So I'd love to hear from you veteran Stamford Pizza people if there is any fantastic place that I MUST try. Only requirement is that they deliver. I prefer plain cheese pizza but I love good Margherita pizza as well.

These are the ones I've tried, with my response:

Planet Pizza--reliable, open all the time, you can order online, fast delivery, good pizza
Luigi's--ordered from them by mistake. Quite possibly the worst pizza I've had in my life. It arrived COLD and burned. Awful.
Villa Italia--very yummy but thicker crust than I'd like
Athens Pizza--forgettable. Not bad but not great either.
Pellicci's--good, but whatever

So far, I hate to admit it but Planet Pizza is the most reliable for good, hot, on time pizza.

Any gems I'm missing? I've heard RAVES about Colony Pizza but I keep reading about their "hot oil" pizza and the word "oil" is freaking me out.

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  1. J

    Please try Colony and then report back. If Planet is the best you have eaten you have tons of upside. And that says a lot about the other places.

    The "hot oil" is a quick squirt of oil that had peppers soaking in them. It has less grease than anything Planet can put on a plate. It could be the best pizza in FFD county.

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      colony is no big deal 12 " pizzas on a premade frozen shell and expensive. it is no more then a overpriced fancy bar pie.

      try sergios , belltown or amores if you want good thin crust italian style pizza.

      1. re: doughboy

        To each his own DB. Jfood thinks the pie at Colony is top notch but will try to visit your suggestions. Always looking for good pie.

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          I like Belltown the best growing up on Sal's in Westchester and Real Italian pizza, he is from the Bronx and knows his Pizza and the meatballs are the best around here.

      2. If I'm too lazy to go out I usually order Planet Pizza (some on the way right now, in fact) but I also like Villa.

        Colony is definitely something you have to try to appreciate. It's really excellent pizza, and I should go more often than I do.

        Remo's on Bedford St is very good, they're mentioned in several other threads here on Chow...

        1. You can't have a list without including Colony. Planet Pizza is below average in my mind.

          1. If you've heard RAVES about Colony, then why in the world wouldn't you go and make your own conclusions? That is the best place, by far, in your area. Fabulous pizza and ridiculously low prices.

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            1. re: MasterofLightChick

              You must try Belltown Pizza near Newfield Shopping Center, I love and grew up with NY thin crust pizza and I think it is very good. Take a drive to Westchester, Sal's Pizza.

              1. re: nbermas

                belltown pizza, in beautiful downtown belltown, is my goto place for takeout. hot oil pie with pepperoni at the bar at the colony makes for a mighty fine lunch.

              2. re: MasterofLightChick

                As I said earlier, it's because the term "hot oil pizza" freaks me out. I keep envisioning that there is a pool of oil on top of the pizza and that just doesn't appeal to me. I guess I will check it out due to the repeated recommendations.

                  1. re: shellyesq

                    Oh Shelly, that is SOOOO unfair. Jfood drives by New Haven before Sally's opens and now this. jfood gotta get in the car and go get one.

                  2. re: jessicalacey

                    Don't be afraid. It may strike most as funny but Colony is actually healthier than most pizza. Because the crust is so thin it does not absorb as much grease as other pies, so it tends to end up on your pizza tray instead of in your stomach. And the hot oil is olive oil that has been infused with hot peppers, both of which are healthy. Not to mention the lycopene from the tomato sauce!!!

                    So go for the tastiest "health food" around...a Colony hot oil pie.

                1. Colony is definitely the best. Also try Michael's down in the Cove area.

                  1. Any thing good around North Stamford?

                    1. What about Remo's?

                      I finally tried it the other night. I thought it was pretty good. Better than average.

                      But, I couldn't help but think that it could have been better. For a place that allegedly has a real brick oven, why wasn't that crust better? It was missing the deeper flavor, that almost smoky flavor of the crust.

                      I did find the sauce and cheeze very good though.

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                      1. re: adamclyde

                        I have been to Remo's.....but they do not deliver and delivery is part of my "requirements". The margherita pizza I had there was really not great.

                      2. Springdale Pizza on Hope Street is consistently the best pie around.

                        1. Remos on Bedford is very good. Also around the corner Bistro 122 has surprisingly good pizza (their white clam is v. good - can't make claims about any others though) although slightly inconsistent service (and loud).

                          It took me 3 years of living in Stamford before I finally sought out Colony - do it sooner than later - it is amazing (esp if you're a fan of Planet's thinner crust).

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                            This is what jfood wrote about Remo's in October:

                            "in the neighborhood and went to Remo's today. Individual sausage and pepper. Jfood would give it a 7 on the jfood scale, it was very good and has tremendous upside. The crust was very tasty, the sauce good, nice mozzy and the sausage was good but would like to see a little more fennel.

                            How, with all these good ingredients does it only get a 7. For some reason, it just did not come together like a great pie. Will have to absolutely give it another try. could be a candidate for #2 in Stm."

                            Soemone else mentioned this as well that being baked in a brick oven it should have been better.

                          2. Depending on where you live in Stamford, you could try Spazzio. They're down by Shippan, and will usually only deliver in Shippan or Cove. If they're not busy - they will head downtown. Great gorgonzola salads & garlic knots there as well.

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                            1. re: amanda3571

                              Thanks Amanda! I'll give it a shot. I do live downtown.

                            2. I think you should give John The Baker a try in Bull'S HEAD. ALways our favoritepie

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                              1. re: wm3

                                Thank you, but John the Baker doesn't deliver. I'm looking for a delivery place.

                                1. re: jp62

                                  So where is their great pizza? How far do we have to go?

                                  1. re: nbermas

                                    Franks in Port Chester is OK. I do like Strada 18 and Match, but match is more of a "flatbread" style pizza. If I am going out to share a pie with someone I will usually drive to New Haven.

                                  2. re: jp62


                                    Since you liked Strada 18 have you tried Colony? Just curious.

                                    1. re: jfood

                                      I've never been to Colony but I hear raves. My co-worker loves the "Stinger" . I guess it's a pie with tons of peppers

                                      1. re: jp62

                                        the stinger is the pepper in the middle that signifies a hot oil pie.

                                        1. re: steve h.

                                          JP62 is correct. The stinger pie is one with lots of jalapeƱo peppers. Some clarification for steve h...When you order a hot oil pie, they put one stinger that has been marinating in the oil in the center of the pie. This is how they make the hot oil.

                                          1. re: montgomery_clift

                                            The stinger pie (with lots of peppers) is VERY hot.

                                  3. ok....so after living in stamford for 10 years and trying every pizza.....the best has to be michellinas.....and they deliver! this is by far the best. they are located on cedar heights (almost to high ridge rd).....u can find them in the phone book....try it and report ur findings.
                                    colony is the best, but a pain because they do not deliver....but hot oil pizza does rock! my teen says hot oil rocks...:)

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                                    1. re: redfoxmom

                                      I never heard anyone talk about Michelinas, what else do they have that is decent? Where exactly is this place?

                                      1. re: nbermas

                                        mbermas - below is the address and you can click on it for a map.

                                        I think it's pretty much just a pizza place. But next door (might be affiliated?) sells pastas and other italian imports, I believe.

                                        The pizza here is good, but I'm not really sure how to categorize it. It's not really NY style... the crust is different. I was sort of surprised at first, but I ended up liking it, for whatever it's worth. It's very accessible pizza for the masses, if that makes any sense. It has been probably 3-4 years since I went there though.

                                        Michelinas Pizza Delivery
                                        19 Cedar Heights Rd, Stamford, CT 06905

                                        1. re: adamclyde

                                          thanks for posting the address :) to be honest i'm embarrassed to admit i really don't know what ny style pizza is.....but i like michelina's as it's not card board tasting like many others in stamford.....they also have great pasta and garlic bread....it's a place that i can order dinner for the family and not feel guilty for not cooking...it's very homey.
                                          next door is fratelli's, though i don't think they are owned by the same people, it's more of an italian deli....also very good, but i shop there when i am in a pinch for a home cooked meal on a hectic night....it's a bit pricey :)

                                    2. COLONY,COLONY, COLONY
                                      If the hot oil is freaking you out, just have a regular pie.
                                      The place is a scene, so its fun to hang out in.
                                      The ONLY draw back is that they ONLY have pizza. No salad, no dessert NOTHING. But they do have a full bar.

                                      1. colony is good if you order there and eat it there..its like a dive place-
                                        they only serve pizza and the bartenders are funny ladies but will be tough with you...but its all part of the experience...the hot oil pizza has a little bit of oil on top which is super hot. you can add that to a stinger pizza which has a hot pepper on top - so delicious. they only have schaffers beer on tap which they serve to you in small OJ glasses..its just an experience- you need to try at least once.
                                        as for pizza i like atlantic pizza. remos looks good too

                                        1. I've been to Colony Pizza three times in my life. Once about 10 years ago, once about 5 and once this year. I have to admit, the first time I was there and had the Hot Oil pie I thought it was amazing. The place is a dive and a half and we stopped there after bar hopping and it was great. The second time I took the ride specifically to have the hot oil. It was very good, but not nearly as good as the drunken time. I went there about two months ago with my gf and raved and raved about it. The service was absolutely horrible which she got upset by, but I assured her she was about to have a great pie. We got our pizza and to be honest, blah. It isn't near what it used to be. The pies are dried out a bit and the oil is about the only thing that salvages it. She had a regular cheese pie which was god awful. I wouldn't admit to her, but the place isn't near what it used to be. I was very upset. One other thing, and not that this bothers me, but be ready to wait 20-30 minutes for a pie that takes about 2 minutes to cook. Because if a regular walks in before your pie is on the table, it's theirs!

                                          1. Everyone in Stamford seems to love Colony. I think it tastes like frozen pizza. Actually, I don't think it has any taste. It's bland to me. The only reason to get the hot oil or stinger pizza is so you can have some flavor. Thin crust pizza is my favorite so I thought I'd like Colony. I ate there once and that was enough for me. I do like Remo's pizza. It's thin crust/brick oven style...nice and crispy. I love the pepperoni pizza there because it has fresh mozzy on it. I also like Frascati's on Newfield Ave. They have good pizza that's also thin crust. I don't eat from Planet Pizza because A. their pizzas are half cooked and B. a friend of mine had a salad with a lovely topping of maggots on it. So since then, no Planet Pizza. I had Luigi's once and like you said it was awful. My pizza was cold too and I only live about 3 miles away.

                                            1. Colony is easily the best, but if it's busy be ready to wait. And no salad or other apps to munch on while you wait. Second is Sergio's. Other than that Hope Pizza is good and has been there forever. Mario the Barker on High Ridge isn't bad either, but I think recently they switched over to that cheap cheese that cools into one hard sheet of plastic.

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                                                mario's is no longer worth the effort. the crust is hard and tasteless, the cheese of very low quality and the sauce tastes like it came out of a can. belltown is good. belltown is a takeout joint (two tables if you want to hang out).
                                                best pizza in the area? tarry lodge in port chester gets my nod.
                                                colony is an acquired taste. i like it a lot but it's not "pizza" in the traditional sense. definitely worth trying.

                                              2. Check out the Stamford Pizza Tour - a group of guys who set out to taste and rate all of the pizzas offerred in Stamford. http://www.stamfordpizzatour.com/

                                                I've been following along the last couple months and their reviews have been very helpful.

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                                                  1. re: steve h.

                                                    Unfortunately yes. But I appreciate that they put in the effort so I have a better idea of which places to avoid.

                                                  2. re: gillyweed

                                                    I don't like that they apparently make a big production out of it - bringing in clipboards and stuff. Seems kinda douchey. "We're here to review you!" Keep it quiet so the restaurants don't know they're being evaluated and get a more honest experience.
                                                    They also chose to re-review a place because it was so bad, but not others. What if they caught another place on a good day when it normally sucks? Be consistent.
                                                    But I do like that they seem to have covered everything, although I disagree with their tastes.

                                                    1. re: gillyweed

                                                      Try Michelinas Pizza - they are under new ownership - and have been impressed and pleased with their food........it is quite tasty and delicious....new owner has culinary background and has turned the place around.....I have lived in Stamford all my life and have tried probably most of the pizza places around and have to admit - I am sold on Michelinas Pizza.....try it.