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Jan 10, 2008 01:49 PM

Restaurant recs needed - Friend treating us out (W. Hollywood/Hollywood/Beverly Hills)

Hey 'hounds,

So, my friend is staying with my husband and I next week while she is interviewing for some jobs. She is a graduate student still, but offered to take us out to a "nice" restaurant to thank us for our hospitality. She is not from LA (she is living in Miami now, originally from NYC), so we are choosing the spot. There are a ton of places I'd like to go to, Mozza, Lucques, to mention a couple that I haven't been to yet, but I am worried about the price. What are some moderately priced ($20-30 pp incl 1 drink) restaurants in the area we could go to? I'm leaning towards Asian or California-fusion types of places, but we're open to any kind of food. So far, I have looked into Yatai - looks good. Keep in mind, I am also trying to persuade her to move to LA, so someplace nice that represents LA would also be great. Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. Hatfield's for the food with somewhat plainish ambiance, Pane e Vino for good not great Italian food with a fabulous patio in the rear, with star-sightings a reality, and a great California feel to it.

    1. For great food that won't break the bank I'd recommend Angeli Caffe on Melrose. It's Italian influenced and delicious!

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        Odd how there are no prices after salads.

      2. For $20 - 30 all in with a drink... Try Luna Park on La Brea.

        1. Orris is a fun option, with great food. Although my memory of pricing, with wine is more like $50 per.