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Jan 10, 2008 01:44 PM

Food at Southampton Inn? Other Southampton area suggestions?

We're thinking of staying there next weekend for our anniversary and wondering if anyone has ever eaten there by any chance? We'll probably hit our usual suspects in the area - Pierre's for lunch, maybe Silver's, lobster roll from the Wainscott Seafod Market, and maybe a picnic in the room one night (bottle of DP to use up) since we don't like to leave the dog in the car etc. too much.

Any other not too expensive suggestions welcome, of course - we've not been out since almost this time last year.


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  1. They've been through a few chefs in the last year or so, so who knows?
    Please try Tuscan House, you can walk there from the hotel (make a left and go to the traffic light), it's perfect for an anniversary. Hopefully he's not on his annual sabbatical to Italy.

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      Thanks! Looked it up and found this, btw - http://events.nytimes.com/2006/06/04/...

      Might give it a try for Saturday lunch - last year for dinner on our anniversary we had oysters and clams from Clamman's, salmon roe and various other treats, but we were staying at a borrowed cottage where we could make sauces etc.and easily dispose of trash!

      What do you think of the Village Cheese store versus Caviola's?

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        Never been to Caviola's (it's on my list, I'm in Sag Harbor alot lately), but I love the Village Cheese shop. They're very helpful. For some reason I buy alot of my cheese at Citarellas in Water Mill.
        PS I know Clamman does major take out, just ask them for a garbage bag to go too!

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      1. Used to love the little french place at the foot of Jobs Lane. Something chef?

        Haven't been in quite a while.

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          Le Chef. I think we went there the very first time we went to Southampton - remember the food being decent (though it never seemed to come to mind to return there) and v. entertaining people watching, even in winter (maybe especially in winter!).

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            I have to agree with the reco for the Tuscan House. As for Le Chef, not was it once was. If you are in Sag Harbor and need a place for lunch/brunch try Estia's Little Kitchen.

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              Thanks - haven't heard of it before.

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                I LOVE Estia's it is a little off the beaten path (it's on the bridge/sag turnpike a little out of the main town area) BUT well worth it! The restaurant is tiny, but the food is always great - the special somewhat inventive and the staff is quick!

                I also like Nichol's in East Hampton for bunch right on 27.

        2. Thanks again for all of your suggestions - due to the frigid temperatures coming up this weekend, we've decided to postpone our visit, but look forward to trying some of your recommendations soon - when the weather is more amenable to walking on the beach!