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Jan 10, 2008 01:32 PM

Thai Restaurants Allston

I've been reading about three Thai restaurtants in close proximity in Allston: S&I Thai, Thai Place and Bo Thai. Are there any shout outs for any of them? They all sound like small places with relaxed atmospheres. Any worth a try?

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  1. Haven't tried the other two, but S&I has very good Westernized Thai, and an entire menu (written in Thai only) of authentic specialties that you'll need to have the owners explain to you. I was the only non-Thai-speaker in the place last time I went. On par with Dok Bua and Rod Dee in terms of being good, authentic, and cheap.

    1. I had the hottest drunken noodles ever at Bamboo, on Comm. Ave near St. Elizabeth's hospital. I'd be interested to go back and try some other menu items.