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May 24, 2001 02:17 AM

Anyone know of a place where you can bring your Dog?

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Hey fellow Chowhounds, do any of you guys know of a friendly place (cafe, restaurant, etc) that welcomes dogs? I really would like to find a special place where I know my best friend is welcome too!

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  1. There is a cool coffee place in Venice called The Cow's End. It's on Washington at Pacific, right at the end of the street where the beach is. Lot's of people stop there when they are using the bike path and a lot of people have their dogs. It's a coffee place that has some baked goods, not sure if you can have a meal there, just snacks. They have outdoor tables that dogs are welcome to hang with you at.

      1. I think there's actually a discussion somewhere on the la board on this very topic. 2 or 3 different places mentioned. It's down there somewhere.

        1. We had no problem sitting outside with our dog at Qualty Food on 3rd for breakfast one morning. In fact, our waitress loved her and we shared an "only in LA" moment when she commented that our dog "looks exactly like Rene Zellewegger's (sp?) dog!" Hmmm...

          Next, we're going to try Doughboys...

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            Where exactly is this place? I am taking my pup to LAX to meet her auntie Fri afternoon and would love to swing by a place where we can all fuel up on the way down to Long Beach.

            Please elaborate on the food, too, although food is secondary to convenience in this (rare!) instance.

            1. re: Heather

              Both Quality Food and Doughboys are on 3rd Street, near the Beverly Center - too far from LAX.

              BUT lots of people take their dogs and sit outside at Martha's 22nd Street Cafe in Hermosa Beach (22nd & hermosa Ave - one block from the ocean), and they have very delicious (about 10 different kinds) eggs benedict. It's a breakfast & lunch spot - I think they close at around 3 or 4pm. Their salads and sandwiches are yummy, too.

              Hydrant Cafe in Venice on Abbott Kinney may be open later, although it's in the opposite direction. But this is a great neighborhood, so may be worth the extra drive! Have fun!

              1. re: julia

                I didn't get your reply in time...

                We ended up taking Sepulveda from LAX to PCH and stumbled upon a place called "Kool Dog Kafe" behind the Fatburger that had all kinds of puppy paraphernalia that we're ashamed to admit we buy.

                Oddly enough, I was asked by the owner to put my very well behaved dog back on her lead (she was the only dog there, no chance of conflict), a first for me in these types of places that cater to dogs and their people.

                The embarrassed clerk was very helpful in suggesting a nearby dog-friendly restaurant. She pointed to Riviera Mexican Bar & Grill and said that they had a nice patio where dogs were welcome and that their seafood was awesome.

                Just what the doctor ordered; large patio, tall iced teas, helpful young staff and really good (if typical) Mexican food. I had a fish taco and chile relleno combo. The combo was available with choice of black beans/refrieds/black eyeds and salad or rice. They grilled my fish and the taco was toasty and juicy and the relleno was better than I usually get (although nothing’s ever as good as The Donkey’s relleno in Pasadena, TX!). If you want corn tortillas--order them, they won’t ask and flour is their default.

                No one batted an eye at my dog and plenty of people stopped to chat a little. The busboy brought her a container of water and she tucked herself under our table when she was pooped from all the attention.

                Riviera Mexican Bar & Grill
                1615 S Pacific Coast Hwy
                Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                (310) 540-2501


                1. re: Heather

                  Try second street in Belmont Shore where Wiskers is the premire dog & cat store. Then you can try Main Street in Huntington Beach where you will find another Wiskers and some outdoor patios where your best friend can eat with you

                  1. re: Scott

                    There is a wonderful place where both you and your dog have to go, Hydrant Cafe located in Venice. It is 2 blocks off the westminster dog park and they have some much to offer. They open at 7am-6pm everyday serving excellent breakfast and lunch.Don't forget to pick up a frosty paw for your four legged friend, a great time had by all!!!!

          2. Hello.

            Here's a useful link. As you'll see, they list probably 30 restaurants in the LA - Pasadena area. I've found the information on this site to be fairly reliable.

            Good luck.