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Jan 10, 2008 01:03 PM

Best burger delivery for the East Village?

So, I'm going to need to get about 16-20 burgers delivered for a party in the East Village, and I was wondering if anyone could chime in. I'm looking to spend in the $4-$6 range, and I've narrowed it down to Paul's and Blue 9 - does anyone do a better job than the other for delivery? (I haven't lived in the nabe in years and I've never gotten delivery from either place.) Is there another delivery option that I've overlooked?

Thanks for all of your help!

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  1. hrmm tough choice as they are completely different types of burgers. i haven't had either of them delivered but i'd imagine blue 9 would be swifter even if paul's is more desirable (in my opinion).

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    1. re: artfuldestruct

      My vote is for Blue 9. Although the fries suffer in the delivery process.

      1. re: clashfan

        In my view burgers suffer equally as badly in delivery. How can you keep the rares, mediums & wells straight? Sounds like a test of burger fortitude.

    2. Stand delivers if you're on the West side of the East Village. A little pricier, but maybe they would have their 2-for-1 off hours special for delivery. Or pick up the burgers yourself and hop in a cab with the money you save.

      1. Look into Rush Hour, although technically they are in the LES do deliver to EV. They are a Isreali kosher quality run venue, however cooks for the NYC palettes, ie; cheeseburgers. I have been going there for years and have had also ordered from them before for delivery at friends apts in EV.

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        1. re: ilny

          How could they be kosher *and* serve a cheeseburger? Or is it *cheez*?

          1. re: ilny

            We got Rush Hour burgers today and they were awful. Being somewhat on a diet, I felt like I was ripped off calorie wise by eating the junk that came out of that place. The fries sucked as well. The 1/2 burger was thin and way over-cooked and hard. The fries were soggy and un-seasoned. My wife got the veggie burger and hated it as well. What a waste.

            Ya know, if you're going to pride yourself on being a specialty restaurant, at least do your specialty decently. We would've been MUCH better served at McDonalds. Seriously.

          2. I'm gonna have to go with Paul's. Big and delicious.

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            1. re: urbanminstrel

              i don't know. i think pauls are big but little flavor. i think blue 9's are small and inconsistent. honestly, for a fast, reliable, solid burger, w/delivery i'd go with veselka.

            2. We ended up going with Paul's Place. Ordered 20 cheeseburgers - all medium with lettuce and tomato - they all seemed to be cooked medium, were nice and hot when they arrived, and - I have to say - a bit better than I've had in their restaurant. I was very pleased with the experience and would definitely recommend them again.

              I should note that we were told to call an hour in advance of when we'd need them, and it took one and half hours for them to be delivered, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

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              1. re: lambretta76

                awesome! glad it turned out alright even if the the delivery took longer than expected, but it was still 20 burgers... they tend to get packed in there sometimes so it doesn't surprise me much. still great burgers.

                1. re: artfuldestruct

                  i live about half a dozen blocks away from Paul's but never heard of it till now and I have lived in the neighborhood 20+ years. I dont go over to 2nd ave that much, used to go to 2nd ave deli almost weekly, veselka i'm tired of, kiev is gone, occasional stop to Gem Spa for an egg cream. So, tell me people, whats this burger like? Is it closer to a Silver Spurs type or more like a BLT, Stand, BRGR, etc kind of place. Thanks.