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Jan 10, 2008 01:03 PM

Juniper Frozen Yogurt - Providence

Has anyone tried this new Pinkberry knockoff on Thayer st? Thoughts?

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  1. ohh ohh i want to know too! have you tried it? i had pinkberry once and i loved it! i normally dislike trends, but something about that tangy yogurt was comforting and satisfying to me. i'll definitely try juniper this weekend and report back

    1. It is great, had it this weekend. My wife and I have been looking for these places since she had something called "Baby Yogurt" in Italy over 5 years ago. Now they are just popping up everywhere. This one is as good as any. (which in my opinion is addictive and amazing!).

      1. I liked it. It doesn't taste quite the same as Pinkberry, but it was good enough for me to blog about:

        1. here's a picture I took of it yesterday

          its similar to pinkberry, but not quite the same, I'll be going back again and again to try the different combos.

          1. Ok, so let me get this straight....
            You actually want the frozen yogurt to taste like "frozen yogurt"? Personally, I'll pick my TCBY chocolate that "tastes like soft serve" over Juniper any day. I just don't get it...especially for $5. Not for nothing, but I could put a container of yogplait in the freezer and be equally satisfied....

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            1. re: HungryHipster

              yeah it is pricey for froyo.. but it is surprisingly addictive. despite the cold, i was outside woofing down my cup with one hand and balancing a pizza box from antonios with the other. thayer st's awesome =)

              1. re: sprinklez

                A bit off topic, I can't help but be constantly amazed by the economics of this street:

                - 2 ice cream AND a frozen yogurt store...
                - No less than 3 pizza places, all making vaguely NY style pizza...
                - What will soon be, what, about 3 places doing express sushi...

                All in about 3 blocks of retail?? And they all seem to do OK?? Amazing... Gotta love it :-).

                - Garris

                1. re: Garris

                  Dude, its all the college folk - they all have meal plans that include those restaurants. It's also cheap, lots are open late &they tolerate us. Its probably why no respectible restaurant lies on Thayer (Although, don't get me wrong - I have my favorites respectible or not) - and that all the highly talked about established places (such as Chez Pascal, Seven Stars) lie up on Hope Street. Somewhere between Thayer, Hope and Tortilla Flats is an invisible line that divides THIS from THAT.