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May 23, 2001 11:23 PM


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Tortas are good. There are so many places/trucks that make them.

I had a great one at Tacos Alivan (sp) on Washington/ approx. San Pedro in downtown LA--torta de milanesa--tender filet with a nice crunchy crust, grilled panela, avocado, crisp lettuce, mayo, radish, pickled jalapeno-- the bolilos toasted on the inside then spread with the mayo, then the whole thing was grilled like a panini. Oh, was it good. The guy who made it used to work at King Taco just up the street. King Taco doesn't is good but doesn't make tortas--except in Pasadena--they are awful.

I ate there again and had the torta cubana and it was not to my taste--grilled sandwich loaf, grilled hot dog, very sweet pork in some kind of BBQ sauce. Who out there has some torta stories--Where, Why?

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  1. I too love a fine torta. Juquila (Santa Monica Boulevard, west of Barrington, north side of the street) produces a passable version. Better are those served in Grand Central Market and on Broadway, opposite the market and a few doors south.

    1. Mario's on Beach Blvd in HB specializes in carnitas and their carnita torta is sublime.

      Go during lunch when the carnita turnover rate is high and they haven't been sitting under the heat lamp too long.

      The bread is light and squishy except the grilled parts, they use plenty of onions and cilantro, and I can't tell the difference between the juicy, moist pork meat and the little bit of fat they leave on there; it all melts in your mouth.