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Jan 10, 2008 12:36 PM

Tough Question - Outdoor Facility for a Birthday

I live in Old Bridge near route 9 and 18. I am looking to have an outdoor bbq/picnic brithday party for my 2 kids somewhere around June 1st. The ideal party would be outside at a facility that can provide catering in the form of a bbq or picnic type atmosphere. The main goal is to avoid having 50 people at my house. Ideally I'd like to have it outdoors so the kids could have some fun and be kids. Any suggesstions? I've searched high andlow but I am coming to the conclusion that such a venue doesn't exist in thiis area. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. If you don't mind indoors, there's a place on rt 35 a couple miles north of 36/exit117 that might suit your needs if the kids are of appropriate age. I think it's called FunTime America. Rides, games, laser tag, and party rooms. Check it out. They surely have a web site.

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    1. No specific recommendation, but one idea would be to contact the many, many day camps in the Western Monmouth area to see if you can rent out their space (or a portion thereof). I've been to corporate events at Frogbride and Ivy League Day Camp which involved picnic/bbq with fields, playgrounds, etc. Camp will not have started by June 1st and I suspect most of the camps will be all geared up and ready to go.

      1. My friend through a great BBQ for her daughter in Manalapan at the park across the street from the Police Dept. and post office. It was a GREAT time!!! More for the adults..probably because in her "cooler jug" there was plenty of Baybreezes for the adults!!! ahhh what a memory!!!

        1. Our Hockey team always uses Geick Park on 516. Its more then adequate for what we need. Hurry and reserve though early as Graduations are heavy during that time frame.

          If that is a nogo you might also check with some of the nicer housing communities as most have a clubhouse that they may rent to you,

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            For outdoors, and not at home, I 2nd the idea of a park. You'll most likely need a permit, NOW is the time to get it. Pick out your grove b4 you go to your township/parks dept. check out these people for Tent, BBQ, full service outdoor fun: t&l catering, 732.381.1119

          2. If it isn't to far Oak Tree Lodge in Wall Township. They have a huge picnic area, swimming pool etc.