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Jan 10, 2008 12:36 PM

New England Happy Hours

I am always looking for a good food bargain, especially when it comes to oysters. A nice cozy spot on Martha's Vineyard, Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs, is offering a 2 hour dining bargain every Friday this winter. Oysters are a dollar and wings are .25. I will travel far for a good oyster bargain, even if I have to watch others eat chicken wings, which do not happen to be on my list of desirables, no matter what the price is. None the less, I understand their appeal and many of my family members are already making ferry reservations to get some of those wings. Any other good after work deals like this in New England that others can recommend?

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  1. It's going to be slim, since Happy Hour alcohol is illegal in a good portion of New England. Drink specials are usually what attract people (who aren't foodies!) to Happy Hour, so I'd guess a lot of pubs have given up on it.

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      Well, maybe I should not have used the expression Happy Hour. However that is what the restaurant calls it. They know- and I know- about the alcohol laws in our state so that's why they offer this great deal on the food. My question is about the food. Not the booze. Sorry if I was not clear.

    2. I've sworn by the happy hour at Dimillo's in Portland (Maine has no happy hour alcohol restrictions) with a more than decent snacks-as-a-meal buffet. Everyday Mon-Fri from 4-7 I think. Some poeple love the oyster happy hour at J's Oyster Bar (right next door to Dimillo's) but I'm not much for preshucked oysters

      1. Up here in New Hampshire, you can have happy hours, you just can't advertise them.

        As far as your question, in Providence I know two good deals: Big Fish has $0.49 oysters, and McCormick and Schmick's has a deeply discounted appetizer and small entree menu with a two-drink minimum.

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        1. re: kaszeta

          I checked out Big Fish on line - their web site says they're closed for renovations, but their phone says they're open. Does anyone know?

          49 cent oysters? Have to try that out!

          1. re: Trnrbrnr

            Oh, my goodness, Trnrbrnr, it was too good to be true...I checked out their web site. It looks like they had good deals every day from 4-6 on those oysters, but they are evidently undergoing a transformation into BBQ:


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            So, if they can't advertise the happy hours in NH, is it all done by word of mouth? Is the food any good up there in during those unadvertised happy hours? I sometimes get up that way.

            1. re: mvi

              The Oyster Company in Dennisport on the Cape has $1.00 oysters - not sure of their winter hours tho.

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                Drink specials can't be advertised outside the restaurant itself (there was a silly incident a few years back where the Manchester Hippo paper published a list of happy hour specials, and the liquor commission tried to fine all the places that told the paper their specials....). So it's word of mouth, or seeing the signs. Aside from some places in Portsmouth and Manchester, however, I don't see too many food specials, since we're allowed to have discount drafts.

                1. re: kaszeta

                  Killarney's in the Nashua Holiday Inn has half price apps in the early evening, though I wouldn't make a special trip over there for the food. Unfortunately, my days of stopping by a bar after work are long over. It was much easier when I lived in Manhattan and didn't have to drive!

            2. J's Oyster Bar, in Portland, ME, has free oysters the month of febuary for happy hour....I know, but they are good...
              The best thing about this is that spring is right around the corner!


              1. 28 Degrees, McCormick and Schmick (theater district only), Great Bay and LIneage (all in Boston) have $1 oyster happy hours.

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                1. re: ScubaSteve

                  Thanks! I will research all of this.

                  1. re: mvi

                    I know Millys brew pub has $2 drafts and 1/2 price apps Mon-Fri 4-7 and Strange Brew does $2 drafts and 1/2 price apps 4-close Sun and Tue, and I think Fri and Sat from 4-8. Both places are in Manchester. Whippersnappers does a $.99 drafts and $4 burger and fries 4-close on Tues, they're in Londonderry. Anyone now any others?