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Jan 10, 2008 12:34 PM

High Tea in Baltimore

Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant in Baltimore that does high tea?

I am especially interested in somewhere with a cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of British teas.

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  1. I assume you're actually asking about afternoon tea, not high tea. Bertha's in Fells Point does afternoon tea (by appointment), but I don't know how cozy the atmosphere is.

    1. Teavolve does an afternoon tea. They have a huge variety of teas, but I don't know if they are British Teas.

      I took my mom to afternoon tea at Monpelier Mansion. The Tea Shop there does a fantastic tead. We really enjoyed ourselves. Its in Laurel though....

      Both are by appointment!

      1. I'm bumping this thread because I am interested in taking a friend to afternoon tea for her birthday. We did the afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, BC and got a real kick out of it. I think I am looking for somewhere that ups the elegance/swank factor. (Pretending to be prim and proper english ladies was half the fun.) That being said, food is still the paramount consideration. I googled and found that here in Baltimore the Intercontinenal Hotel does an afternoon tea, and that there is a tea place in Ellicott City that does as well. Anyone been to those, or have any other recommendations?

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          The Tea on The Timber in Ellicott City ended up being our fave. The food was really great. Lots of interesting scrumpous thaings. The scones came with a wonderful cranberry-stawberry jam, clotted cream, AND lemon curd (bonus points in my book). Maybe not super swanky, but I'm not sure if anything in the Balitmore area is.

          The Intercontinenal was so-so. The room was nice, but ther was no one there, and the service left much to be desired. Also the food was boring. The scone was this large flat thing that was not dense enough to hold up the clotted cream and jam.

          For tea nuts like myself, I can't really recomend either of these places. Both had a large selection of fruit teas, where as I am looking for something more special. This month we're trying the Tea Cellar at The Park Hyatt in Washington.

          1. re: HilkaryIC

            Hmmm... good to know about Intercontinental. Yeah, I had read all the reviews about how great the tea was at the Ritz Carlton (Tysons and Pentagon City) and the Park Hyatt on another thread. I had really wanted to stay in Baltimore .... but if the options in DC/NOVA are so far superior .... This is a birthday gift after all! I want to get her the best. Have you done the Ritz Carlton?

            1. re: charmedgirl

              Nobody has mentioned The Petticoat Tea Room in Fells Point, by the entrance to The Admiral Fell Inn: comfy atmosphere, a wide variety of well made foods, prettily presented, and you can sneak in one of their spicy crabcakes to share.
              Also Finnerteas in Hampden on Chestnut has teas, but their pastries are not good, so stick to scones and sandwiches. Come to think of it, the atmosphere's not that warm either, but probably better than an intercontinental tea...

              1. re: crowsonguy

                Finnerteas closed after a tornado last July, and according to their website, they have no plans to reopen...


                1. re: crowsonguy

                  I came across both of these in my googling (including Finnerteas and the news of its closing). I wasn't really considering the Petticoat Tea Room because it didn't seem like it had the right vibe. I'm not really looking for cozy, I'm looking for fancy-schmancy, elegant, slightly over the top swank. That was definitely part of the fun for us last time; it was so outside our norm. We got a real kick out of it; felt like we were kids again playing pretend. I dunno, maybe we're weird. Anyway, it seems like I'll have to go to DC for that, as the places in Baltimore all more low key? Or am I wrong about that? (I do appreciate the suggestions and reply though!!)

              2. re: HilkaryIC

                in DC you should look at the Mandarin Hotel

              3. re: charmedgirl

                So I made reservations for us at the Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlton, based on all the reviews in other threads. I'm hoping it has the right combination of super tasty food and upscale swank. I will be sure to report back! (Reservations aren't until mid-June though, so it'll be awhile.)

              4. Moulin de Paris in Severna Park does an afternoon tea. I think it's on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but not certain. The menu looked interesting and since they bake all of their own breads and pastries, it's sure to be delicious.

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                  Moulin de Paris used to be delicious, but it's gone very very far downhill. I grew up in Severna Park, and my mom used to buy us treats from their bakery when I was little. Lately (past 5-10 years), the quality has gone down, and the prices continue to rise. Unless they've gotten better very recently, I don't recommend their baked items. I know they also have an attached restaurant, but I've never been, so I can't personally recommend it or not.

                2. Don't forget the Crown & Thistle Tea Room in Hunt Valley... Just off York Road on Fila Way..

                  They do Afternoon Teas and High Teas, have an extensive collection (over 70 kinds!) of different teas and a nice tea shop. Their lunches are yummy!

                  They have differently themed rooms, and also do special event teas, and have a Tea Club! They are also available for private parties.



                  Crown & Thistle Tea Room
                  10 Fila Way Ste J, Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152

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                  1. re: divaflirt

                    I have a reservation for next Sat. at the Crown and Thistle. I tried for this Sat. but they are having a special tea and were fully booked. Do you have any suggestions to make it the best experience possible.