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Jan 10, 2008 12:34 PM

Photo icing

I am considering using edible photo icing to decorate cupcakes for a rehearsal dinner, the idea being a fun pic of the bride and groom. Has anyone used this product? There are numerous vendors and I am not sure of what to look for to find a trusted source.

Also, I'm open to recipes for delicious cupcakes ... I will probably make 100 or so for the event.

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  1. i have made the orange cardamom and the cinnamon scented devil's food cupcakes that were in the Gourmet magazine (i think)....these have been used for two weddings now....with positive feedback...

    the recipes are on the website.

    1. Photo icing images are decals that can be added to cakes. You either have to buy the expensive printer, or have a local bakery do it for you for a small cost per image.

      There are places on the net, but you can usually get the same service quicker at larger bakeries. I would not pay more than $1.00 per cupcake for the service.

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        The printer is not expensive. It is a standard home quality inkjet printer. It cannot be one that has been used for regular printing, though. The inks used are food grade and, believe it or not, are less expensive than paper printing inks.

        The starch-based printing medium is pretty expensive, though. A single 8 x 10 sheet can cost $3 each at wholesale. They're touchy to store and easy to mess up. I wouldn't suggest trying it yourself if you don't have experience because simple mistakes get very costly very fast.

        This is all by way of explaining why your local bakery is going to charge as much as they will. Oh, and it is almost impossible, due to the nature of the printing medium and inks, to achieve an exact color match between an original photo and the icing sheet. Ilustrations reproduce better than photos for some reason. The better quality your original, the better your end result will be.

      2. In my area, most large grocery stores w/ bakeries will do this for you. I'm in the DC area, Giant and Safeway charge $6 per sheet, larger than 8 1/2x 11, so you could fit in quite a few photos. It's cheaper than ordering online and paying shipping. If they're not busy, they can do it as you wait but usually I pick up the next day. They dry out quickly so you need to apply them as soon as you can. And, if you're looking for delicious cupcakes, the transfers don't taste good--kind of like cardboardy sugar.