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Jan 10, 2008 12:29 PM

What SEA magazine published a seasonal food list?

Does anyone happen to know what Seattle magazine published a list of foods and the best time to eat them in Seattle? I think it was done in the past year, and it might have been Seattle Magazine.

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  1. I'm not sure what Seattle magazine published the list, but you can find a list of the Puget Sound Fresh web site ( or on the Seasonal Cornucopia site ( Good luck!

    1. Also not a mag reference but Slog just posted a link to another King County reference (prob. duplicates the Puget Sound Fresh stuff Maggie Sue posted since there's a link to that on this link, but just in case... ) and the same post also referenced a "What's in Season in Your Region" section on Field to Plate.

      Also Seattle Farmers Markets usually has a newsletter and updated Ripe n Ready section during prime Farmers Markets month as well as an overall guide (newsletters are in links to right side, but don't seem to have been updated lately).

      As does Ballard market - click the "what's fresh when" link in the below.

      Hope some of this helps...I have a backlog of Seattle mags to go thru over next couple weeks; if I run across the list, I'll come back and post.

      1. Thanks MaggieSue and ThreeBowls. All those resources are helpful!

        I'm especially wanting a list that's more than just produce. I'm thinking more and more it was Seattle Magazine... don't see it online, but will have to try to find an old copy. Maybe at the library.

        1. There was a "Food Lover's Guide" in the August 2007 Seattle Metropolitan and it sounds like it might be what you are looking for - season by season "fresh sheet", farmers market guide, and pieces on sources for apples, fish, meat, bread, cheeses, ice cream, pantry items, and local goods for the fridge. If you don't find a copy, let me know and I can scan it for you.

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            Bravo! That's what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, they don't have it at my branch library. You're kind to offer a scan. But how to make that happen here? I know we can send messages on the eG food board, but not here?

            1. re: dimsumfan

              Good point. You can get back issues of the magazine for $7 from their website ( if you want the whole article, but here's a picture of the "fresh sheet" (if my photo attaching works...


              Okay, edit that: I just looked at the attached picture and unless you have amazing eyes it's really not going to be helpful. Sigh. Any other ideas?

              1. re: kkbriggs

                Thanks for your efforts! Yeah, tough to read... I could make out much of the first, but not the second. I'll try to get to the main branch of the library. The only other option, should you choose, is to find me at the Pacific Northwest category of eGullet and send me a private message there. Thanks again!