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Jan 10, 2008 12:23 PM

vegetarian friendly in venice/santa monica?

thank you in advance

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    1. Julian's Raw
      Chandni (Wilshire at 19th between the Gap and House of Billiards)
      Toi...vegetarian thai (Wishire at Euclid, I think)

      1. Asian on Pacific in Venice: Mao's Kitchen and China Beach. These places are ultra vegetarian friendly. China Beach has a large menu of fake meat dishes. I can imagine that both are heavily criticized on this site for inauthenticity. Nonetheless, both have a lot to offer not just vegetarians but meat-eaters: try, e.g., the five-spiced chicken at China Beach.

        1. There's no shortage of places. All the high-end restaurants have vegetarian options. I'm no vegetarian, but I would bet that Joe's, Jiraffe, Josie, and Chaya Venice would do the best vegetarian dishes.

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            Melisse also has a vegetarian tasting menu. I think that Abode was offering one as well but I'm not sure if that's still the case since Dominique Crenn left. On the less expensive end, there's Urth Cafe, Rose Cafe. I don't know, this is a hard question not knowing more specifics but huge number of restaurants on the westside have good veggie options.

            1. re: glutton

              Chaya Venice usually has ONE terrific vegetarian dish.

            2. Axe on Abbott Kinney is very vegetarian / vegan friendly. And I second Joe's and Chaya for more high-end, Mao's Kitchen and Urth Cafe for casual.