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May 23, 2001 07:44 PM

Cafe where people go to hang out?

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Keep those suggestions rolling in! I plan to try an iced mocha at every place that you guys suggest! (and maybe in the meantime, I'll meet Mr. Right) hehe!
I'm looking for a groovy place where lots of GUYS (<-hint) and gals go to hang out, socialize, and sip on espressos, lattes, and well, you know, coffee.
Somewhere in the Los Angeles/southbay area.
Thank you!!

by the way, if you know of any other great places where Mr. Right may be spending his time, but doesn't exactly include coffee, don't hesitate to mention it as well!


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  1. And I was about to suggest The Library in Long Beach. It is a great coffee house with loads of atmosphere, but a primarily gay hangout (comes with the territory in LB).

    It is awfully tough to meet folks in the SoCal area, for whatever reason people just seem to clique up or be loners. So, I feel for you.

    My only suggestion is to get a dog (one that you can take good care of!). Since acquiring my pup last September many more people stop to make chit chat (even if it is exclusively with my dog!) and it gets you out on the streets of your neighborhood at least four times a day to walk.

    Good luck finding Mr. Right!


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    1. re: Heather

      Hey thanks, Heather, for the suggestions! Wow, didn't know that SoCal was a clique environment, but I have noticed that it is does have its trendy people. I do happen to have a dog, who I've been total buddies with for five years, but I'm not really sure where to take him (this area of Torrance isn't so safe). Any suggestions?
      Is the Library in Long Beach a pretty decent place to hang out? (yay or nay?)
      Thanks again for the feedback!

      Missy M.
      p.s. I have a recommendation for you and your four-legged pal - take him down to the Seapoint light (meter parking lot) on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach - there he can frollick around on the beach with tons of other dogs. It's a blast.

      1. re: Missy M.

        There's a dog run in Redondo Beach on 170th street off Prospect you can take your dog to. Haven't been there myself, but I hear its quite a singles hangout.

        1. re: M.O.E.

          Thanks everyone for the feedback! I really appreciate the great advice. You guys are the coolest chowhounds in the world!

          - Missy

        2. re: Missy M.

          I went to the Library in LB once, exactly for the reason that you're going to coffeeshops. Except in my case, I'm seeking the gentler persuasion. No luck here, you'll find tons guys alright, but they might not have any interest in you... seemed like every male there was gay. I ended up reading one of their many books, I think it was on the history of war.

          I work in the South Bay, are there any good coffeeshops there? People meeting or not, I enjoy a good cap.

          I'd like to belive that you can go to coffeeshops to meet people, but so far I haven't found a good one. As one of the responder said, people are quite clique-ish in coffeeshops or else they're minding their own business on their laptops.

          A few place I've found was good for people-watching (but so far not people-meeting) are:

          -Anastasias Asylum in Santa Monica
          -Urth Caffe on Melrose (one of my favorites)
          -Epicenter in Old Town Pasadena

          good luck!