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Jan 10, 2008 12:08 PM

Sobey's high security - opening date confidential! (moved from Ontario board)

After reading all week about how Loblaw's is going downhill on an earlier thread I was beginning to get really excited about the new Sobey's opening up on Laird Avenue. Last time I drove by they had a 'Now Hiring' sign up in the parking lot and what seemed like a lot of action going on inside. So I go on line but since I could not find an opening date I sent an email to ask. I was very surprised to get a generic email back stating that 'opening dates are confidential until publicly advertised'. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Maybe it's just me but this strikes me as totally stupid. Talk about pissing off a potential customer. What harm would it be to give me an approximate date? Obviously I can see from the action it will be soon. I would think they would be happy to generate a buzz, no??

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  1. If that's what passes for Sobey's CRM, I'd be sure to avoid the "fresh" fish counter and produce dept.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      ^ You're got to be kidding right?

      you guys need to relax.

      ps. that is an absurd policy though...probably an overprotective employee

      1. re: Suresh

        Sorry suresh, who needs to relax?? Me or Sobey's??

        Anyways, as a side note the really dumb thing is that when I drove by tonight they have a huge sign out front announcing the grand opening is taking place Jan. 25th - someone should tell their customer service folks!!

        And.....they need to relax!!!

    2. My 2 cents: I hope your Sobey's is better than the one by my house...I'm not saying your Sobey's will have these issues and I hope they don't... Long story short I returned fish, a friend has returned beef and produce hasn't been anything to write home about. In my case this isn't a "new" store though, ours is an IGA in Calgary that became a Sobey's a few years back.

      1. All corporate employees at the customer service level have to operate from a script when dealing with the public. Maybe this was the scripted answer for your question. Crazy, though, is Dominion going to get this data and then say, "Oh ho, no, we will open next door three days earlier! Thus securing a market leader position in the neighbourhood!"

        1. Sobey's is airing TV commercials that suggest they understand customer needs (you don't need to take a bus to get around the store; we're ALL about food; etc). But I'm not especially impressed.

          I understand why long range plans would be confidential, but surely not store openings that will happen in a few weeks. That's a pretty dumb approach to customer service. In the same vein, they advertised their nearest store to where I live (Front St) as being open a week before it actually was.

          There are three Sobey's locations relatively near my home, all 24 hours. But they don't bother to distribute their flyers where I live - distribution stops roughly four blocks to the north. Huh?

          I don't know what to make of their operation. They totally renovated both older stores, but their stock is deficient in almost every merchandise category. I haven't found any of the fresh foods to be especially good. Meat (including "Sterling Silver") is ordinary. Fresh fish is extremely limited. Produce is average. Baking is especially poor, including items they claim to be artisanal. And Sobey's overall everyday prices are higher than those at any other major chain.

          In short, Sobey's appears better run than Loblaws or Dominion at this particular moment, and they are opening downtown stores in convenient locations not served by their competition. But a foodie paradise Sobey's certainly ain't.

          Then there's Parry Sound. The Sobey's in this little northern town is (or was as of 2006) in a completely different league. It is so much better than any Toronto Sobey's that it feels like a different store.