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Looking for a good corned beef on rye sandwich ?

anyone know where i can find a good old fashioned corned beef on rye sandwich (with pickle) in Manalapan?

Blue Geek

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  1. there used to be a deli in Pond Road shopping center in Freehold on Rt. 9 (near a bagel shop and a staples/office-max or something)... not sure if it's still there, but it was fairly decent last time I was there...

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      The place that aklein is talking about is Fred & Murrays on RT 9 at Pond Road in the center where Staples is. They are Kosher and quite expensive but the food is good.

      I prefer to go to Jerry & Harveys in Marlboro on RT 9 where Pathmark and Kohls are. It is not kosher but is less expensive, just as good and has better matzo ball soup to go with your sandwich.

    2. There are three delis in the area and, as it turns out, three differing opinions because in my view, both Fred & Murray's and Jerry & Harvey's are inferior Jesse & David's. (What is it about all three delis having dual names? lol) It is kosher. The deli meats are about the best you can find around here (though not up to the level at Katz's or Sarge's, in NYC). The round potato knish, the crinkle-cut fries, the chicken soup and matzoh balls are all excellent.


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        I agree with RGR, Jessie & Davids is better than the other two, although second best is Jerry and Harveys. Steer clear of Fred and Murrys,their deli is not up to par at all. My husband was coming home in that direction and decided to stop there instead of the usual Jesse & Davids which would be the other direction. He brought home some corned beef sandwiches. They were tough and dry, really inedible. We had to bring them back the next day and wound up eating eggs for dinner instead. Needless to say, our family was not in a good mood that night. Then Superbowl Sunday, one of our friends brought some pigs in the blanket from Fred and Murrys and they tasted like they were frozen too long and were not good at all. At the prices delis charge for a sandwich, make sure you find a good one.

      2. The Very Best Corned Beef is @ Kelly's in Neptune City hwy 35.. They could up grade the bread on the sandwiches ..get the corned beef and cabbage instead .. It's a little ride but it is well worth the trip

        1. Jesse and David's is quite good. I am very surprised no one has mentioned the "mountain-o-meat" at Harold's New York Deli in the Ramada Inn on Rte 9 in Edison. One of the many sateliites opened by the Carnegie Deli over the years, I think this is the only outpost that remains. The sizes are literally obscene, but the quality of the meat is phenomenal. Just realize that the best strategy is to try to agree on one sandwich and share - second best strategy is tupperware because each sandwich is enough food for at least 3 meals. They even used to give you extra bread to take home with you - not sure if they do that anymore.

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            A point of correction to Just Visiting. Harold's is in no way affiliated with the Carnegie Deli. I assume the confusion stems from Harold Jaffe's one time management/ownership interest in Carnegie as well as the Claremont Diner.

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              Sorry! I didn't know...whatever the legal relationship, this guy's got the chops! Anyway, the NYT had a good rundown of NJ delis on 28 May 2000 (called "In search of....cutting the mustard). Since the NYT archive is now free (!) it is worth a read.

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              As I mentioned in my post above, I like Jesse & David's. My meat of choice is there is pastrami and hadn't had the corned beef in ages. However, yesterday, I wanted to make a Reuben at home (J&D's is kosher; ergo, no Reubens there), so I bought some corned beef to take out. It was quite good and made a very tasty Reuben. There was some corned beef left over, so this afternoon, I made a more traditional sandwich on rye, adding some sour kraut along with deli mustard. Yum!

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                Love the recs here on Chowhound. I first tried Jesse & David's about a year ago (thanks RGR) and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm a pastrami guy, and have had it there 4 or 5 times now. While it's no longer there I Shirley's on RT. 9 was my favorite. Most recently we tried Harold's in Raritan center. I was reluctant until Bgut1 recommended it on another thread, it has now become my son's favorite. I really like the health salad on the pickle bar. Still haven't ried Jameson's yet, hopefully next week.

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                  Drew - I'm happy you and your son enjoyed Harold's. As for Jameson's, what you are you waiting for? :)

            3. I vote for Irv's Deli across from Jersey Shore Med Center, Neptune. They are around $8 but are huge and come with choice of sides. Yummy....

              1. I have never written a review on this website before, but I felt strongly about the experience I just had, so I felt the need. My husband I just tried Jerry and Harvey's Deli in the Pathmark plaza in Englishtown and we were so disappointed. We really like to try and support mom and pop type eateries, but this place was terrible and way overpriced. We ordered chicken and rice soup and it was really bland. It tasted like chicken broth from a can with no seasoning. We also ordered the potato pancakes and they were the worst ones we have ever had. They were hard and dry and had a funny taste. I ordered a turkey sandwich. It wasn't bad. It's kinda hard to mess up a turkey sandwich, but the tomato and cheese were extra and it didn't even come with chips and it was almost $10! I have had much better for much cheaper. For example Tastee Sub or VP Deli in Edison. Anyway, this is just my opinion, feel free to go and check it out for yourself, but you have been warned.

                1. Grossman's Deli in Oakhurst Towne Shopping Center. They've been doing this for over 50 years with the patriarch having a store in Asbury Park back in the day.


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                    JustJake - So close but never have been. I need to give it and Frank's (another on my list) a try when the deli bug strikes.

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                      Richard's in Long Branch and Irv's in Neptune are my faves, though Irv's brisket is his best sandwich.

                      Jake, how would you compare them to Grossman's?

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                        Sorry to say Jake but I went today for lunch and found the pastrami to be OK but nothing to write home about. It is better than Irv's in Neptune, but not nearly as good as Harold's in Edison.

                        Worst part was the sandwich was skimpy - when I walked out after finishing lunch I was still hungry. The slaw and pickle were nice and the rye bread very good, Freedman's I suspect. I'm only rating the pastrami here as they have many other selections that may be very good.

                        Guess I'm spoiled by Ben's and Katz's pastrami in NYC.

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                          It's ok JS. Grossman's like Richards are "local" and they're good; as to feeling hungry after leaving, I don't need to gorge myself because of some notion as to a pastrami sandwich having to be as high as the Citicorp building. Heck, I rarely finish one of theirs, or Nino's sub sandwiches (due to sub roll).

                          I'm 6'2/225 and I'm more than satisfied with the serving.

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                            I prefer homemade pastrami, as hard as it is to find...
                            I doubt Grossman's is homemade; if not, what brand do they use?!?

                            (as you can see from the Facebook group I started, I LOVE homemade pastrami !!!

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                            JS, I pretty much concur. I went there today because of this discussion. The bread was excellent, and the slaw was pretty good. The pastrami, however, was just so-so. Better than the supermarket (ugh), but not even close to Richard or Irv. I had much better at a little place in New Egypt. And skimpy is an understatement. If it were a $5 sandwich I could understand, but for an $8 sandwich I expect to be stuffed. (And that takes a lot to accomplish.)

                            I might try the brisket some Thursday, but otherwise I'm in no hurry to return. Too many other good places nearby.

                        2. Just drove through East Brunswick yesterday and it looks like Harold's is gone and a Hooters moved into the same space. Can anyone confirm this?

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                              Yes I do but when I mentioned the word hooters to my wife she immediately put a blindfold on me...

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                              Yes, Jersey Shore..it is a Hooters......:( So if you want really greasy bad food, head over here. I only went once to the Hooters in AC to meet up with a group of freinds the morning after a concert we saw. That is the ONLY time I suggest going to the place.

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                                Are you talking Harolds in Edision? Doesn't look gone to me....

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                                  no, Sockster, they are talking about a very short lived 2nd location of Harold's Deli that opened up on Route 18 ... and yes, that one is now a Hooters..

                                  (it struck me as odd that Harold would open up that 2nd location, to begin with...)

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                                    Wow, I missed that one...thanks for the update!!