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Jan 10, 2008 12:05 PM

Is Charleston Food + Wine Festival worth a visit?

My sisters and I will be visiting Charleston the weekend of the Charleston Food + Wine Festival. Are any of the events worth the money? It looks like some of the events could be fun. We have never been to Charleston and of course I will be mining the board for restaurants. TIA.

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  1. If you are going to be there, yes, definitely go. See if you can still get tickets to the opening night dinner. It is $100 per person but includes wine, gratuities, tax, etc and the meal is being done by most of the really good head chefs in town. for more information.

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      wow! i'm glad i spotted this topic. just went to the website and the opening night event sounds awesome. i'm assuming this is a leave the kids home event?

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        Bought tickets to the Opening Event last night. There's an over-21 age requirement for it (and perhaps for all events?)

    2. If you frequent Chowhound and are in Charleston at the time I would definitely recommend the Festival. I have tickets for Bubbles & Sweets, BBQ & Blues and a visit to the Culinary Village. Bubbles & Sweets is supposed to be pretty fantastic. They sold out of almost everything last year so keep that in mind when deciding.

      1. Thanks for the prompt feedback. We got tickets to the Bubbles and Sweets and the BBQ & Blues. I was thinking of a late lunch or very early dinner on Saturday before the Bubbles & Sweets. Which would you recommend-Magnolia or Plantation Grill? Or is there someplace else that you would recommend over those two. Also any suggestions for brunch on Sunday and lunch on Monday. We are staying at the Doubletree Suites. TIA.

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          Magnolia's is great, I also love the French Quarter Grille and the Charleston Grille. The Charleston Grille's executive chef has been featured on Off the Menu, a now defunct show that used to appear on Turner South. I frequent Charleston and somehow always wind up there...
          Went to the festival last year. The Culinary Village was oversold and a bit of a nightmare. Would recommend if going to this event, go early before the hugh crowds...the main exhibits were in tents with relatively narrow aisles and lots of drunk people chugging whatever "tasting" they could get their hands on...not that I'm opposed to such behavior, but wasn't worth the hassle late in the day. Lots of celebrity chefs around if you like that sort of thing.