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Czech Point in Redondo Beach

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  • Muhlyssa May 23, 2001 02:08 PM
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Anyone been here? The review in Calendar Live was pretty positive. Any feedback?


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  1. The food is very good and the welcome friendly, but you must regard pork and dumplings as food groups to really appreciate the place. Czech food is a bit bland but they generally have a nice goulash for those who need their paprika fix. I go every once in a while and always have leftovers, since the portions are immense. They have Staropramen on tap, and the apple strudel is a must-have.

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      Just got back. It was nice, not supendous. Very heavy food. Service was nice, it had a nice family atmosphere. My husband liked it a lot, his Mum was Czech, so I think he grew up on that type of food.