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Jan 10, 2008 12:02 PM

Btwn Pk Slope, Bk Heights & Wsburg - Need Dinner Spot

Three friends - meet for dinner often, often in the Cobble Hill area, but want to try something different (and as convenient for the Bburg and the Pk Sloper as the Bk Heightser)...I'm trying to imagine what might be just an easy 15-20 minute trip for everyone. Probably not in the middle of Bed-Stuy... but any good suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!!

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  1. Abistro in Ft. Greene. Interesting well-prepeared food. BYOB and really nice owners. It is about as equidistant to the three neighborhoods you mention as can be.

    1. If youre going to Williamsburg, check out Dumont. Tasty, cozy and delicious. My only complaint is that the portions are a bit small.

      1. I think Fort Greene is probably your best bet in terms of convenient neighborhood with decent options for food. I like Luz, which has very good pan Latin food. I also like LuLu, which is French bistro style with good burgers and some more upscale options too.

        There are a number of other options along Dekalb as well, such as Ici, Chez Oscar, Bonita and more.

        Any more info on price range, cuisine or atmosphere you are looking for?

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          generally good food. we're all quite adventurous as far as cuisine goes and like to try things, and are willing to spend for something worthwhile. though preferably not exorbitant, as its just a normal weekly catch-up dinner rather than being celebratory or out of the ordinary.

          i like the ft. greene ideas. thank you! i looked up abistro, and it seems they may be closed on mondays via their menupages listing. unless someone knows otherwise, i figure we'll make one of the other selections. luz sounds interesting.