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Jan 10, 2008 11:33 AM

Quakertown recommendations

Hello All! My office has a branch in Quakertown. We do all of the event planning for the branch in our location, but we don't know what restaurants are good in the area. Can you please recommend some places to have office lunches and cocktail parties? We will do one at Spinnerstown Hotel. The last event was at McCool's, no one was impressed.

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  1. Spinnerstown is a great place, would have recommended it for office lunches if you hadn't mentioned. The bar area however is one of the most smoked filled we have encountered. The same is true for the Brick Tavern, another place you should try for office lunches. They just added a beautiful outside patio area, which during warmer weather would work well for your cocktail parties. Our absolute favorite place is The Karlton Cafe in the center of Quakertown (BYOB). Talk to Luann, Chef/Owner, with notice she will accommodate additional/special requests. We have all our family parties there and have never been disappointed. This is the place for those breakfast meetings as well, the coffee, to give you a comparison, is of the same quality as Starbucks. We have yet to talk to anyone that has left McCool's impressed, including ourselves. If you want to travel a little and are looking for a smoke free bar area then Casa Tora's Mexican in Coopersburg is the place. The Margarita's only are worth the trip. Good Luck !

    1. Hello! It doesn't look like much, but please do try Tai Shao (or Show) next to Hobos, I believe it's on 309. They are a Japanese Sushi & Habachi, no alcohol but allow BYOB for evening parties. They have quite a few tables, and have a pretty extensive menu of different Japenese Cusine, as well as sushi. They are extremely inexpensive, and are my favorite restaurant. I would rate them much higher than the popular Doylestown counterpart.

      I'm always so sad not to see them packed..I know they do a busier lunch during the week, but are not busy during dinner, maybe the locals just aren't sushi people yet. I've had hibachi office parties when I worked at the city, and it was always a big success, no one complained about diversity of food.

      I have a huge beef with McCoole's...I went in for the first time one evening with friends after dinner...The owners were sitting at the bar, they happened to be drinking with friends of the couple we were with, and we were introduced to them. I was with my husband and another couple. A man came up to me and kept loudly announcing to the entire bar how well endowed I was, and kept making up fun nicknames for me. I didn't even know how to react, we tried to laugh it off, hoping he would go away, but it got worse and worse.

      The owners laughed and thought it was funny...he was a regular, I wasn't. We left money for our drinks and walked out, and never went back. I would never trust my business functions to someone who allowed something like to go on in front of them...what do they allow behind scenes?

      1. I would try the new place in town-- Front Street Cafe. The food is very good and the atmosphere is terrific. The do offer breakfast but the hours are geared more to lunch and dinner. Saturday is lunch and dinner only. Sunday is a brunch buffet. BYOB.

        1. OK. I feel I should contribute some feedback. I took the advice of chowhounders on this topic and had a terrible breakfast experience. My husband, baby and I set off for Sunday breakfast/brunch at the Front Street Cafe. It has a beautiful atmosphere and what seemed like lovely brunch buffet. The place was empty and brunch was $18 per adult and $6 for my two year old. Too pricey for what we had in mind. So we left and tried the Karlton Cafe on Broad. The server was very sweet and accomodating but we didn't have such a nice time there either. My french toast was burnt (like black) and our dishes were dirty. My potty training daughter needed to use the restroom and it was filthy. I couldn't wait to get out of there. $45 later and we were on our way home. Here's hoping to find somewhere in this area for decent Sunday breakfast.

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            I'm sorry you didn't have a good time. I haven't eated at either of those places, personally.

            For some reason I'll pay $18 for high tea, but I feel the whole idea of brunch is overrated....

            I've been to Sundays's not the fanciest place in the world, but it's cute (read small), friendly, and a cheap local breakfast place. Nothing very spectacular or very chowish.The country place does a good breakfast, but there is smoking in the bar that bothers me.