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May 23, 2001 01:37 PM

Lighthouse Sushi & Beau Rivage

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I'm going to be in LA this weekend. Two friends have raved about an all you can eat sushi place in Santa Monica called Lighthouse Sushi. Is it any good? Do they have a big turnover to make the all you can eat part work? There are no references to the place in the archives.
We're also thinking about brunch at Le Beau Rivage in Malibu any comments?

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  1. I have found Lighthouse to have poor quality sushi but high quantities of food. It's not bad, but once you've had really fresh sushi, places like this (and Todai) just seem so disappointing.

    Beaurivage is one of my favorite places for dinner, I've never had brunch there. It isn't right on the beach side of PCH, so there isn't much of a view, but the food has always been outstanding and the service excellent.

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      As I remember, "Todai" is Japanese for Lighthouse. Is this the same place or under the same ownership?

      Restaurants like Todai do have their place, as a relatively cheap introduction to a cuisine for people who are intimidated by more formal restaurants. I have friends whose first introduction to Japanese food was through Todai or Kanda Sushi. They're sushi snobs and turn up their noses at such places now, but that's where they first got the courage to try it out. My son is twelve and Todai is one of his favorite restaurants, because he can get all the squid tentacles he can eat. (And not just because it grosses out his friends, he really likes them.) Todai is good at what they do, but not the best that can be done...