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Jan 10, 2008 10:54 AM

edmonton lunch on saturday

i'll be in edmonton on saturday and i'm hoping for some good suggestions - nothing too fancy, maybe a little particular neighbourhood - have to visit a site downtown and coming from the south end of town, so I guess downtown or south...

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  1. Culina Cafe on 99th Stree and 88th Ave is fantastic for Saturday brunch and lunch...

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      they're closed until Jan 17 (I called them last week about a reservation and got answering machine...)

    2. If you're looking for something casual but good, go to Tasty Tom's. It's on 82nd Ave and about 100th street in a red buildingo n the south side of the street. There is also a bistro called "Flavours" on 82 ave just west of gateway boulevard on the north side of the street (10352 82nd Ave) - I've always been impressed with both the food and the service, though I haven't been in that neck of the woods for lunch for some time.

      If you're in the downtown area, you can't go wrong with heading to the Golden Bird in Chinatown for some good vietnamese food. I thnk that the Pagolac does a better beef satay noodle soup, but the vietnamese coffee and spring rolls at the Golden Bird are the best I've had. The Golden Bird is at 10544 97 st.

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        there is a great soup place on rice howard way called soul soup, that is all they do is hearty/original/funky home made soup and bread.
        For south side I really like the sugar bowl at 10922 88 Avenue NW, they have great interesting chilis and burgers, local hang out for the university crowd, sometimes a little slow on the service though. There is Da Capo on 109st and 87ave, traditional italian coffee shop with amazing lattes (best in the city) and delicious paninis.
        Downtown there is La shish (best schwarma IMO) on 10106 118 St.
        For diner I like Urban diner on 12427 102 Avenue in the same area is Cafe de Ville & Manor Cafe (all a little more upscale)