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Jan 10, 2008 10:53 AM

Nick's Cove in Marshall - Anyone been there recently?

I was thinking of going to Nick's Cove but early reviews were not that great, esp. on service but I imagine the kinks could have been worked out by now.

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  1. I don't think they are open. They called and cancelled our reservations for yesterday due to storm damage. Also, the phone wasn't working today and they are "offline" according to opentable's website.

    We were up there 2 weeks ago and the service was the worst I've experienced in years. We were seated but a waiter never came to our table. Finally, after 20 minutes we stopped the manager and he ended up waiting our table. It was a disaster but the food was good. My only complaint about the food was that my soup was lukewarm. Obviously they were having a really bad day. I think getting staff up there is a challenge. I'd go back because we have had decent service (not exceptional) in the past, the food is good and the setting is outstanding.

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      But.... it's one of Michael Bauer's top 10 new restaurants of 2007. Go figure.

    2. We were there in November - service was not the problem, in fact it was quite good. I made the mistake of ordering a tuna which was piled on top of and buried in olives. The tuna would have been fine, except the olive flavor was overpowering - even when I moved the tuna onto another plate. I was disappointed in that, but liked the chowder and will go again - though it sounds like not for awhile! We had a super early dinner res and sat by the window and watched the sunset...very nice.

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        We had a very good lunch on New Year's Day.
        Both the meal and service were excellent and this was a day that could easily have gone otherwise.
        My last visit in October was very uninspired so I was very pleasantly surprised.

      2. I'm sorry to hear about storm damage and other negative reports. We were there in August and it was outstanding; excellent service, and good food with a lot of flavor.

        1. We have friends that are going tomorrow ,Jan 12 for dinner as part of a BD celebration. I assume that the restaurant would call if they are not going to be open!

          1. The service is the big issue with Nicks' cove. First time we were there in late August they refuse to sit us even though the place was empty. The reason given was there was not enough staff to cover the communal and hog table. We forced them to serve us anyway because we didn't drive over an hour to be turned away. (The manager served us.) The second time was the Sunday after Xmas and the place was mobbed. I think the population tripled that weekend. Again, a mistake was made re the reservation. They had it down for Sat. rather than Sunday. Of course, we forced them to find us a place. Service was slow, but expect that since it took you that long to get there, might as well plan on staying. The crab cake, clam chowder and fresh oysters that I had were delicious (not that stellar that you would drive out of the way). It's the scenery that you should be going for - food - reliable - but service can be hit and miss.

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              We went there in December and yes the service was iffy. Our food was pretty good and of course the oysters were fabulous. It is a fun place to go because the drive is beautiful and the area is rustic. Maybe it is hard to get good servers way out there. Overall, we had a good time.