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Jan 10, 2008 10:50 AM

Baltimore Sushi

I have DC relatives coming in and they want sushi! Rather than the usual sushi buffet in Owings Mills can anyone recommend a good sushi place that won't cost me a week's salary? Thanks!

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  1. Matsuri in Federal Hill
    Sushi Hana in Towson

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    1. re: hon

      Second Hon's reply, and I'll add Sushi King in Columbia.

    2. I like Chui's Sushi in Harbor East, but IMO it is very expensive. I can get twice as much sushi at another place for the same price, but it isn't as good, or very good at all. I also usually just get rolls, so I have no idea what the rest of the menu looks like. Maybe someone else can give you a better clue. But that might be because I have no money. I guess it depends what a week's salary is?

      I heard of some sushi place in towson that is supposed to be good and cheap, but I don't know the name of it. Anyone?

      If you don't mind trekking up to White Marsh/ Perry Hall area, Chopsticks on Honeygo has great sushi at affordable prices.

      Good luck!

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      1. re: enginerd

        I do like Chui's too but it is pricey, especially the special rolls!

        1. re: hon

          Kyoto in Severna Park is great, but probably too far.

        2. re: enginerd

          There's a sushi place in a strip mall at Timonium and Aylesbury Rds (I think---same shopping cntr as REI) that has fantastic maki and I think actually mediocre nigiri. It's NEAR Towson, and very reasonably priced. Friendly owner and staff, too. (I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to as the Towson place since it's in Timonium.)

          However, both they and Sushi Hana charge for green tea, which, for some reason, really makes them both drop down a notch in my book.

          1. re: baltoellen

            You're thinking of Yamato Sushi. The owners are Chinese and really nice but I don't know how a place can have fantastic rolls but mediocre nigiri since the selection of fish is the same. But really, I'm not a fan of rolls and prefer nigiri.

            I've found Yamato to be consistent over the years and while I enjoy their sushi, I tend to find myself ordering the fried dried salt chicken.

            1. re: onocoffee

              I think since rolls have stuff like avocado, cucumber, scallion, etc., it's easier to overlook mediocre fish, which you really can't do with nigiri. But, onocoffee, if you say they have good fried dried salt chicken, I'll take your word for it....and, wonder what other non-sushi items you'd recommend there?

        3. I go to Asahi in Fells Point but if you like rolls, you'll probably prefer another place. Three high points: (1) they have the best udon in town; (2) they are BYOB; and (3) while they have a limited selection, what they do is very good.

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          1. re: BmoreHound

            I went there maybe a month ago based on recs here. I think I had the sushi lunch combo or something, and didn't find it good at all. I wonder if I missed something there or if I should have ordered udon??? Also, despite having a high tolerance (some would say fondness for) dives, I found the space incredibly uncomfortable.

            1. re: baltoellen

              Asahi Sushi is good when you need a quick and fairly inexpensive sushi fix (it helps that it's just around the corner from my house!).

              I don't usually get nigiri there -- the slices of fish are too small for my taste. I'll get the rolls, which are pretty tasty, or sashimi, because I think the quality of the fish is not bad. Udon is decent, too. The seating is definitely not comfortable -- except maybe at the bar or the back table (for larger parties).

              I've been to Matsuri twice and had fantastic fish once, and very mediocre fish the second time. I would say that on balance it's a step up from Asahi. DON'T GET THE SOBA!!! Trust me on that one.

              Also, I've been to Sushi Hana with my gf and had the boat -- it has good sushi, not as good as Matsuri at its best, and better than Matsuri the last time I had it.

              BTW, the best spicy rolls IMO are at ABC Sushi (try the Rose roll!! It's fantastic) -- they make their own spicy sauce which is FAR superior to the usual Siracha mix. It actually has a nice flavor beyond simply being hot! :) I don't think they open for dinner, though, and it's not a very big or nice seating area.

          2. Where is the sushi buffet in Owings Mills?

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            1. re: jes

              its at China Best in the St Thomas shopping center on Reisterstown RD.......THe sushi is only fair....but they give you SO MUCH of it!

              1. re: MDicecreamguy

                Yeah, plus they have a Chinese Buffet for the sushi-challenged.

                1. re: RichardCrystal

                  is the buffet there any good? i am practically a sushi novice but my boyfriend loves it and ill occasionally have a bite or two of his. is it worth going to?

            2. Ended up at Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar in Towson two nights ago with my nephew. Got there around 5pm and were seated at the bar. The conveyor belt is mostly rolls but you can order nigiri from the staff.

              Overall, the sushi was nothing to rave about. Better for the student crowd and those who don't know much about quality sushi. My three orders of nigiri were okay to disappointing. No wasabi on the rice and the tako was cut cheaply (read:too thin). The highlights of the meal were the okay seaweed salad, warm rice for the nigiri (even though it's not "proper" rice) and the uni quality was decent.

              Overall, I didn't find value for the money and the quality isn't to my preference.