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White Grapefruit Recipes, Please!

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I have a grapefruit tree that is OVERFLOWING!! The beautiful fruit is just rotting on the ground. I have tried giving it away, but my friends have had enough. If I eat another grapefruit cut in half with splenda on it...I'm going to die.
This weekend I squeezed a bunch and had everyone over for salty-dogs...not the healthiest use of this delicious fruit, I'm sure!!

I would love any grapefruit recipes anyone would like to share. I would especially love some savory dishes to try.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. As a salad with avocado and red onion. Simple oil and vinegar dressing.

    1. How about making marmalade?

      Or on a salad of bitter greens and red onion with a sweet poppy seed dressing.

      1. Starter course for indulgent brunch:

        Cut grapefruits in half, use paring knife to separate the sections from the membranes, put halves cut side up on baking sheet, dot with sweet butter, sprinkle with brown sugar, then broil just until they're bubbly. Serve in bowls with grapefruit spoons (if you have them).

        Caloric but utterly delicious.

        1. I have a generous grapefruit tree in my yard too...I drink a lot of juice,eat a lot of baked grapefruit, make a lot of salads, make pies and make a lot of fish dishes. I find the grapefruit works really well with seafood.

          My favorite is to take thick fillets or steaks and dust with flour, salt, pepper and mint. Brown on both sides and then braise in an equal measure of grapefruit juice and white wine for about ten minutes. Remove the fish from the pan and reduce the sauce. I've used all kinds of fish for this.

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            Thanks ziggy, I've been thinking about using it with fish, but I wasn't sure where to start. Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to try it!

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              I also really like making grapefruit beurre blanc with fish...toss in some segments when the sauce is finished and it makes a really elegant dinner.

              There's a nice looking recipe in the recent Fine Cooking(the one with the fish on the front) for a scallop recipe with grapefruit. Looks really good but alas DH doesn't eat shellfish so haven't been able to make it...

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                My fiance refuses to even LOOK at a scallop, but it sounds perfect for a night when he's working late and it's just me. Thanks

          2. I can keep grapefruit around the house till they rot, but if I section them and store in the fridge, they're gone the next day. Here's how to section a grapefruit:
            1. Find a sharp knife, or sharpen the one you have, and cut off the top, the bottom, and finally the sides, down to the flesh, with only the edges of the membranes showing.
            2. With you fingers, press down at the stem end and split the fruit in half along the membranes. Break these halves into smaller pieces till you have 6 to 8 sections.
            3. Now cut the core out of each section, exposing the flesh separated by membranes at the inside edge of each section.
            4. Finally, again using your hands, peel the membranes off the flesh, starting at the inside edge that you just cut. You'll find that you can isolate perfect sections with no membrane and no pith, and hence just juicy goodness. (If you peel from the rind side, the sections tear apart into a mess.)

            You can sweeten these if necessary. I know this isn't a recipe but I think your goal is to make the grapefruit more palatable. To me grapefruit sectioned this way is far better than digging into half a grapefruit.

            1. Thank you everyone for all the great ideas. I can't wait to try everything. I'm so glad the grapefruit won't be going to waste!