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Jan 10, 2008 10:35 AM

Skyline Chili in NYC?

Are there any shops that sell canned Skyline here in NYC?

(Or restaurants making anything similar?)

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  1. I'm a Cincinnatian who can't live without Skyline. There's a restaurant called Edwards in Tribeca that has a Skyline night every month or so. I went a few months ago, and it was nice but it definitely wasn't true Skyline. I'm glad they made an effort though. They also serve Graeters ice cream on that night.

    As for stores that sell the heavenly stuff, I haven't come across any, but my suggestion is to have someone in Cincy to mail you Cincinnati Chili powder mix (hopefully you have someone who fits this description). I don't think it says Skyline on the packet anywhere....but you buy your ground meat, mix in the chili powder, cook some noodles, grab some cheddar cheese, and you got something as close as you're gonna get to a 3-Way!! It's so I'm craving some... Hope that helps.

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      How odd. An article about Edward's is in this week's New Yorker........

      1. re: dumplingmonster

        Graeters-YUM! Definitely going the next time they have Cincinnati night. How many flavors do they usually have?

      2. luckily, no.

        i was in Cincy last year on a business trip and had to try the "local delicassey(sp?)."

        instant heartburn.

        1. I grew up in Cincinnati during the 60s and 70s, and the only time I've tasted anything similar to Skyline - or Cincinnati style chili in general - was a lamb curry on east 6th street back in the early 80s, when the taste was still fresh in my mind. Kind of a Eureka! moment, must have been the spices. at this point, a 3-way would probably kill me.

          1. Phebe's makes it but only when there are Bengals games, methinks:

            1. The original comment has been removed