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Jan 10, 2008 10:30 AM

Need a sceney lunch place for a Thursday....

I need a sceney lunch place for mine and my cousin's birthday.
She's turning 27, I'm turning 39.

I'm not gonna be happy, so the food better not push me over the edge.

She's no foodie by any means and is a picky and basic eater.
I'm an obnoxious food and wine guy.

Italian would work, but I'm going to Il Mulino with my wife later that night, so I'd prefer something else.

Downtown strongly preferred. I'm thinking Meatpacking District or SoHo (where I live).

Any suggestions?

Thanks, all.

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  1. Del Posto should be sceney enough for lunch if you do decide on Italian.

    Other great places to have sceney lunch without breaking the bank:
    - Jean George (probably too far from where you prefer)
    - Craft (they have a lunch prix fixe which I thought is an incredible value given their dinner price)
    - Bouley - also have prix-fixe lunch. Absolutely elegant decor.

    All places are very "sceney"

    1. I just had lunch at Momofuku and the ramen was, for once, perfect. Everything was really delicious - duck leg ramen with thick noodles, pork ramen, pork buns. It was noisy, sceney, and not too pricey. You may want a more formal place, or one with better service, but I thought it was great. If you're looking for something more elegant, how about lunch at Perry Street?

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      1. re: hungrycomposer

        Great suggestion about Perry Street! I agree.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Perry St is a great idea for me but may be wasted (told you I was obnoxious) on my companion.
          Did I forget to mention lunch is on me? And I know I'm in for $300 at Il Mulino later that night.

          What's up with Balthazar during the day?

          1. re: Chow Baby

            Hi Chow Baby,

            Why do you think Perry St is a waste? The food there is very approaching for even non-foodie (e.g. roast chicken? Salad? Chocolate cake?) It is only $24.07 for 3 courses afterall, so that's all she will waste.

            Balthazar is the same old Balthazar, and honestly you are going to spend about the same there with less appealing food, so you may as well just go to Perry St. At least YOU can enjoy the food.