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Jan 10, 2008 09:50 AM

Korean in Jackson Heights

So normally I'd get on the 7 train to get Korean food, but for a bunch of reasons, I'm hoping to stay in JH tonight, and I've had a request for Korean food. Any likely places? How is the Korean place next to Thai Son? Many thanks!

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  1. I've only eaten there once during lunch and it was okay. I had the bimbimbap and some kimchee. Place is kind of a dump, service is totally indifferent, but the food was decent. There's probably better Korean if you venture up Broadway a bit into Elmhurst, but that's just a guess.

    1. I went once to the Korean next to ThaiSon for lunch and it was just decent. However, friends like Hae Woon Dae which is Korean & Japanese at 75-32 Broadway just one block away. These friends go for the Korean. If you go please post a review.

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        Thanks for the suggestion -- we tried it, and it was pretty good. About 10 different banchan. Standouts included really tasty tofu, some unidentifiable but delicious greens n egg? thing, whole fried fish. The dolsot bi bim bop was tasty. Large platters of appetizing meats to grill walked by while we sat. I've had better Korean food, but for just a couple of blocks away, this was really quite good.

        1. re: ebird

          were you writing about hae woon dae or the place two doors down from thai son? both restaurants are really similar in terms of layout (long narrow room with an aisle in the middle separating two rows of tables); I've had food at hae woon dae and it was pretty good, the naeng-myun, but I don't remember the banchan.

          however, i just got takeout from the place next to thai son, I don't remember the name but it's something like chung hwa or kyung hwa and . . . I just have to say I was quite disappointed. paid $12.95 ($14 total) for a takeout order of japchae which didn't have much flavor, was quite meager in terms of non-noodle ingredients (maybe 5 or 6 pieces each of egg, peppers, onion, etc., although granted, I ordered it without beef). no chopsticks, no napkins and most important, NO BANCHAN. repeat: NO BANCHAN. wack yo! most places will give you a whole bunch of separate containers of it and even if not, at least one of those foil compartmentalized things with the most rudimentary of cabbbage kimchi and maybe some takuan; this place, with the typical markup entree price (apparently no difference when it comes to takeout), had nothing in the bag for me except the container of japchae. so, I will never go here again. not to mention, the fish in the sushi counter looked bad.

          and to repeat, the japchae: really not that special.

          1. re: bigjeff

            i believe the place is Chung Ki Wa (looked online) although some listings have it as a basement place, and this place was ground-level.

            Chung Ki Wa
            40-06 74th St, Queens, NY 11373

        2. re: Mike V

          not sure if this is the right weather, but the naeng-myun is nice at haewoondae. also, used to read on the boards about other small korean places in the area with korean-only menus, or, specializing in one or two particular dishes; can't find the thread though.