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Jan 10, 2008 09:48 AM

"Speakeasy" type bars in Boston?

Does anyone know of a "speakeasy" type bar in Boston? Something along the lines of Employees Only or Milk and Honey?

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  1. You mean a members' only bar? Or just one that's 1920s-centric? Or both?

    1. I don't know your examples, but I went to Wally's for my very first time last nite (about time) and I kind of got that feeling there. It was cool.

      1. Places like PDT and Death & Co? Well, sure, but why would I ever tell you?

        1. The basement of The Good Life on Kingston Street used to have a speakeasy feel to it, but I think it may have changed a bit.

          If you've had enough beers, the main bar area at Doyle's in JP can have a kind of speakeasy feel to it.

          I can't think of anything quite like Chumley's in NYC around here, though...

          1. Oh for The Pioneer and Estelle's that they were still around.

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              And Woodley's in North Cambridge. Yuengling draft was a buck, there were comfy couches at the entrance to its basement location, and the dartboards were always fun.