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Birthday cake for a dog that the humans can eat too

My sister is sick and loves her dog terribly , we are having a brithday party for the dog....I know LOL. Whatever makes her happy right! This will be my first dog/human cake although i am a seasoned baker and am well aware of foods bad for dogs. I'm essentially making a banana carrot cake with honey, and yogurt. Using some oat flour in place of my wheat flour. Using a honey and raspoberry juice sweetened cream cheese as "icing". I am expecting a dense product to say the least.
However, if anyone has a recipe to share, i'd love it. thanks

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  1. Hmmm. When we had a party "for the dogs" (5 of them, long story) the two groups had separate food. They got Frosty Paws and it was hilarious to watch them eat them, we two-footers had burgers and beer. Whatever you do I am sure you will have fun!


    1. We have four dogs. I know the emotions involved...

      Yogurt sounds good. Why not wheat flour? Maybe some wheat germ...zucchini if you have any frozen. I am suspicious about using sweeteners, even honey. I wouldn't use 'em.

      Why not make a meatloaf "cake" using mashed potatoes as "icing", carrot sticks as 'candles"??

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        I like the meatloaf idea. Just remember to leave out any onions and excess salt. The people can add salt and a sauce on their plate when eating. You could even buy dog gravy so the birthday pup gets gravy on the mashed potatoes!

        I try not to give my dogs any sweeteners, even natural ones like honey. With baked goods, I know it's possible to make a dish that is edible for dogs and humans, but I think you run into a) a dog-friendly cake that tastes not-great to people or b) a decent people cake that may not be dog-healthy.

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          I am so with you - my sister feeds her Chihauhua a lot of people food and wants to eat the same cake .
          Thanks to everyone for the sweetner caution, im sure raspberry cream cheese will work w/o any honey.

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            what's the problem with dogs and sugar? I knew that chocolate was bad for them, but never hearad the sugar thing.

            My dogs never much liked baked goods of any kind, although they would generally eat them, 'cause after all they are scavengers. I've had two dogs that really liked muscadines (wild grapes)

            My dogs also liked peanut butter, so maybe a giant, multi layer peanut butter sandwich?

            I think the meatloaf cake is a good idea, as long as it doesn't gross the humans out too much to have that for the meal followed by people dessert.

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              Sugar and salt aren't "bad" for dogs like chocolate and onions (and raisins and grapes!), but I think it's just generally not good for them. It's one of those things that I have no desire to test to see if it will make them sick, so I just try to avoid giving it to them if I can. However, I also don't make a huge fuss if they happen to grab a cookie or piece of salty ham that's fallen to the floor.

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                I don't think sugar would be a problem since you are not feeding it to them every day. I make treats for my guys that contain sugar but they are not regular treats - they are for super duper special occasions.

                I love the idea of a dog birthday cake and party. I always buy my dogs new toys on their birthdays but never thought of baking them a cake. Bookmarking this page for next year!

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                i'm sure a meatloaf cake would be cute....but if me and my dog were at your party, neither of us could eat !!! I don't eat meat at all.....and she has been on a special low protein diet since puppy-hood.....too much protein and she gets really bad kidney problems....

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                Meatloaf cake is fun.


                The biggest problem I've had is getting mashed potatoes smooth enough to use to decorate. I think boxed mashed potatoes might be the way to go. I filled the layers in between w/ a red wine ketchup reduction and it was great. It's funny to see the looks on people's faces.

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                  I've fed both my dogs ice cream, so that can be on top (inside) of the cake. A whole wheat flour (dogs can have w/w flour) and peanut butter cake (same stuff I use in my dog biscuits) would be good for the dog, but might not be great for the humans.

                  How about a two tiered ice cream cake? Top layer w/w flour and peanut butter and bottom layer anything you wish?

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                    All the ice cream places around here sell doggie ice cream sandwiches made with giant size dog biscuits, I hear the dogs love them!

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                  My veterinarian approved cookbook - Real Food For Dogs - includes a cupcake recipe, for both dogs and people, made with carrots, banana, and whole wheat flour, and sweetened with honey.

                3. As you can see from the avatar, the dog rules in casa jfood. And on b'days the jfoods normally buy a small cake from the supermarket so they cna have one slice and no leftovers. And the dog always gets a slice. No comments from the "homemade" peanut gallery pahleeze.

                  Here's the punchline. Now, whenever the dog hears people singing "Happy Birthday" she runs to her bowl and sits in front of it because she knows (like Pavlov's you know what) that some goodies are coming her way. And it is always vanilla cake and white buttercream (obviously no chocolate).

                  So far no arguments from her.

                  1. The dog rules in my house as well (mostly from his perch on the couch, as per my avatar) and while I've never made a cake for him, both my mother and I have baked him his own cookies (oats, peanut butter, applesauce, etc.) on various occasions, and while they don't taste awful, they certainly don't taste like something that human beings would consider to be a treat. Baked goods with no salt and little or no fat or sugar or other sweetener just aren't that tasty. My understanding is that while sugar isn't dangerous for dogs in the same way chocolate is, their systems aren't able to digest it the way that we do, and you may not want the dog to be suffering from g/i distress on his/her birthday. But having said that, if it's important for all the party guests to be eating the same thing, I'd probably go the jfood route and let the dog have a small piece of people-friendly cake, topped with frosty paws. (My dog loves frosty paws, which I have on good authority from another human tastes nothing like ice cream but rather resembles dog biscuits soaked it water til they're mushy and then frozen. Yum.)

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                      they taste absolutely nothing like ice cream (I wanted to know for myself, lol)

                      I think I have the # Dog bakery cook book around here somwhere...Maybe there website www.threedog.com might have some recipes. I know in the past when using recipes from them we *ahem* humans have sampled them.

                    2. I have two toy poodles, and they each eat a cookie every morning. They have been doing this for at least 5 years or longer, and there have been no ill effects.

                      1. For my dog's birthday last year I made this recipe for dog biscuits from Epicurious:


                        They do have some sugar and salt, along with various whole grains. I thought they were very good. My dog loved them, but he's not a picky eater. I used a squirrel and a bird cookie cutter, since he loves to chase them.

                        1. This might be a little more work than it's worth, but try to find a carrot cake recipe with natural sweeteners. Leave out any raisins and nuts and try to see if you can find a recipe that uses applesauce or something similar to sweeten. There is a company up in North Seattle called Paws Gourmet that makes all kinds of doggie sweet treats including a "pupcake" which is basically not-so-sweet carrot cake muffins with yogurt icing. They are actually pretty tasty!

                          1. If none of the people guests have allergies, I'd go for a peanut butter cake - maybe you can use fruit for some of the sweetener? Some mashed bananas or apple juice concentrate.

                            1. THanks for all the info
                              after reading it all I came up with a recipe that worked well. Just came out of the oven and I broke a piece off. Texture is cakey and has a little crunch( cream o rice) it was acceptable to me and loved by the dog tester. I went without wheat as my dog is allergic. I didn't worry too much about fat and i did use a little sugar because i just couldn't imagine any air in the product with out a few grains of sugar.
                              I creamed
                              1 stick butter and 1 cup peanut butter and 3 T sugar
                              Added 1T vanilla
                              2 cups oat flour , 1 cup instant organic cream of rice ( weird i know but it worked)
                              1tsp of salt
                              1T baking soda
                              mix then add rest of ingredients
                              1/4 water.
                              3 ripe bananas mashed
                              1 cup grated carrot
                              1/2 cup apple sauce
                              for the icing i am using cream chese softened and I made a reduction with blackberries and 2 T honey. I whipped that in for color and taste .
                              I baked at 350 in 1/2 sheet pan and cut my layers.

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                                The kids thought we needed a party for our puppy who turned 1yr yesterday and talked me into the whole thing, cake, decorations and presents.... (what we do for our pets). I made the cake and it was tasty, I liked it, the puppy LOVED IT and the funny thing is my vegetarian son wanted this cake over the human cupcakes.. Thanks for the cake recipe and for helping make the party a blast!!

                                1. re: coastie

                                  Just wanted to let you know that I used your recipe for a Dog/Teenage Girl Birthday party and everybody (including my husband, who has Celiac) loved it. Thanks so much!

                                2. i think dogs can eat carob can they not? I have found specialty dog biscuits in a few places that look like cookies dipped in or drizzled in chocolate , but it's not chocolate.

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                                    I think dogs will eat just about anything. Even.....uhhh... I better not go there.....

                                    1. re: im_nomad

                                      Carob is okay for dogs, although I don't think dogs really think of it as "mmm... carob" like they would "mmm... steak!" It seems to be one of those things marketed to dog owners because it looks good. For Christmas one year I dipped a variety of dog bisuits in carob and gave them to dogs.

                                      1. re: im_nomad

                                        Carob is what the doggy bakeries use to make chocolate cakes for dogs. I bit a little off my dog's "pupcake" and it tasted like a diabetic chocolate cake. Not bad, not great.

                                      2. My dog, Wolfgang, read this post and is no longer speaking to me, I plan on making him some dog biscuits from Epicurious tomorrow. He has since marked his birthday on my day planer.
                                        I've been married 30 +/- years (not sure of exact number) to one woman whose birthday is in May (not sure of day or year) and we have one son who was born in January. I know he's 23 because he is no longer eligible for my Navy Exchange benefits. How I'm expected to remember Wolfgang's birthday? Get me a break!

                                        1. I would probably try to worry a bit more about the human flavor than what might be palatable to the dogs....safety concerns aside of course.

                                          Now while she loves her peanut butter treats, and is on a top of the line doggie special diet....I have a dog who over the years has eaten: a half package of cigarettes (or the butts from the ashtray), an earring or two, fake nails, rolls of paper towels and toilet paper..just to name a few....i don't think she has a "palate" lol.

                                          ...as an afterthought...i've seen recipes for savory cheesecakes.....could this be an option for a doggie-human party?

                                          1. Perhaps some plain, unsalted rice cakes... we had to start giving these to our dog Shermie for treats when he was getting too fat from dog biscuits.

                                            You could take a rice cake as "layers", use a carob icing, or maybe whip up a stiff cheese mixture of some kind to use as icing.

                                            The thing is - in my case and for a lot of humans I know - they would rather eat a dog biscuit than a rice cake : )

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                                              Trader Joe's carries some "natural" dog biscuits that look sort of like fig newtons. I nibbled one and I would definitely choose it over a rice cake!

                                            2. Well, this is way late for your Dog party, but I am going to put this out there anyway. My dog loves the Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream, and I just bought the ice cream bowl attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer so I had the idea of making ice cream for the dog. I found some dog ice cream recipes on the internet and used some of the ingredients to create my own. I can't recall the exact measurements for the ingredients, but one recipe I used nonfat yogurt, cooked carrots, apple sauce, brewers yeast and peanut butter. Blend in blender and follow directions for the ice cream maker. If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can just pour into little cups and freeze, (my dog is not picky about the consistencey of her ice cream). I put a dog biscuit into each cup before I froze them.

                                              Another recipe was just nonfat yogurt, cooked mixed vegetables and brewers yeast. (I have been finding ways to incorporate brewers yeast into her diet because I've heard it makes your dog less tasty to fleas.)

                                              Neither of these ice cream recipes tasted as gross as they sound, though I would never make this for myself.

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                                              1. re: hot breath

                                                That's interesting...if you happen to remember any specific links, please post them. My dog also loves ice cream of all kinds. The Frosty Paws are pretty expensive and the serving size is huge for a 16lb dog so we've been giving her Pedigree ice cream sandwiches which are cheaper and break up into smaller portions, but I like making her homemade things too especially since then I know what's in them.

                                                1. re: jzerocsk

                                                  Here is a link that has four dog frozen treat recipes. Dog ice cream and pupsicles. Making it yourself you can control the portion. I think the pupsicle recipe recomends freezing in an ice cube tray with a rawhide as a popsicle stick.


                                              2. This sounds fine.
                                                I'm sure the little bit of sugar from the honey is not gonna send the dog into a diabetic fit.


                                                1. I say forget the birthday cake. Every year on her birthday, our 80 pound Spinone Italiano gets a juicy cheeseburger (with a candle in it, for us of course). A real treat!

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                                                    I'm sure once a year won't kill her. I think I check with my vet first though.


                                                  2. I realize this revived thread is over a year old, but would like to point out that garlic powder and onion powder (made by dehydrating the raw vegetable) are the big no-no's....the amount of cooked onion a dog would consume with a slice of meatloaf won't sicken a dog unless it was already seriously debilitated. Ditto for a one-time bite of something with the dehydrated form. This becomes an issue when all-meat baby foods that are flavored with onion powder are fed to puppies, kittens, or debilitated dogs and cats. In these cases, the animal is usually getting a proportionately larger amount of the ingredient, on a continued basis, than an animal getting an occasional treat. The danger is that it can cause Heinz-body anemia, further weakening a frail or fragile pet.

                                                    We used to have group birthday parties for the dogs. For one, I made "Devilled-Dog Eggs" , by scooping out the center of halved baby potatoes that had been peeled and steamed. I piped in a puree of hard-boiled egg, peanut butter, and mustard (to make it yellower), and dusted them with paprika. Problem was, I found I had to station myself near the table to prevent the owners from helping themselves to what they thought was people food. I've also made "pupovers" - popover batter plus chicken baby food and peanut butter or cheese, baked in mini-muffin pans (about 20 min at 350).

                                                    Dog biscuits are easy - a "whattevayagot" mix of flour, pulverized bread crumbs, cereal, cheese, peanut butter, chicken fat, bacon bits and broth, either rolled out and cut, or pressed into a pan and scored into bars. I keep the baked ones in the fridge.

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