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Jan 10, 2008 09:40 AM

Fish recipes/techniques that reheat well the second day?

I'm trying to cook fish more often (partially because it's healthy, but mostly because I just really like it!), but I'm having trouble fitting it in. The thing is, my lunch is always a leftover from the previous night. Yet I simply cannot figure out how to do this with fish, since I usually go the broiled or pan-fried fillet route, which doesn't keep well. So, when I have a fish dinner, I usually end up having to get takeout for lunch the next day--bad for the wallet and the waistline.

Does anyone have any good recipes or techniques for fish dishes that will taste good the next day? I'd like to avoid soup. The recipe should be reheatable in the microwave, ie require no additional cooking--the stovetop isn't an option for brownbag lunches. Thanks for any and all ideas!

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  1. Are you into salads? Leftover cold fish on salads (especially with a lemon or dill based dressing) is pretty good. Plus, you get some protein with your greens!

    I've mixed leftover broiled or poached salmon into orzo and pasta before. The problem is that most offices don't enjoy the smell of microwaved fish. I find that salmon and halibut and tuna reheat okay. Salmon and tuna (like tuna steaks cooked through) are also good cold.

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      I second the cold fish on salad idea, plus just about any cold fish can be treated like canned tuna -- mash up with mayo or yogurt, a squirt of lemon juice, some chopped onion and celery or whatever you like -- and made into a sandwich.

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        I had a feeling there might be some salad ideas! Leanneabe, do you have any specific recipes/guidelines for lemon or dill based dressings?

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          I don't have creamy dressing recipes and the other ones I make are kind of mix and taste! I've made one with minced garlic and lemon juice and then I whisk in olive oil. Salt to taste (the right amount of salt will balance everything out).

          Lately, when it comes to salad dressing, I've just picked up a bottle at Trader Joe's. I use so little, that I figure the 200 calories in the dressing are fine considering everything else in the salad is basically fat-free. I know I've had a good dill dressing before. Maybe get low-fat sour cream, add in dill, salt, and lemon juice?

      2. i've taken leftover salmon, halibut, and even shrimp and rolled them up into a sushi roll...just season the rice w/ vinegar & sugar, spread it on a piece of nori and add a line of fish. i usually add some kind of vegetable too, so you may want to use up some leftover vegetables from your dinner as well. i also like to add a strip of egg omelet (maybe leftover from your breakfast). the fish and vegetables may need a little more seasoning when they are eaten w/ the rice & nori, so you may also want to add a drizzle of soy sauce.

        best when eaten at room temperature. :o)