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May 22, 2001 04:10 AM

Dim Sum West Side

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Anyone know of a decent dim sum place on the west side, Century City to Manhattan Beach? Especially looking for vegetable and shrimp dumplings. Been spoiled having previously lived on top of Chinatown in SF. Just looking for the best there is locally -- but please, nothing like Chin Chin's 'dim sum'!

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  1. I recently prepared a summary of previous Chowhound posts regarding dim sum restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area, including the westside. I've provided a link to that summary below. If you want more information than this on westside dim sum restaurants, use the search feature on the Chowhound main page (in the upper right-hand corner), and type in +"los angeles" +west +"dim sum."


    1. While Royal Star (3100 Wilshire in Santa Monica, sister restaurant to Ocean Star) and VIP Harbor Seafood, 11701 Wilshire, sister restaurant to Harbor Seafood in San Gabriel) have to adapt to their geographic market, their dim sum is good enough to keep me satisfied during the week. Actually, it's the smaller variety and higher prices which distinguish these dim sum restaurants more from their Chinatown or San Gabriel valley brethen than the quality of the food. And they represent an infinite improvement over five years ago, when there was absolutely no real dim sum west of downtown.

      1. There is no dim sum in the South Bay beach cities, sad to say. There are a few places in Gardena and Torrance, of which the best is probably the Sea Empress on Redondo Beach Boulevard just East of Western Avenue. I would rate Sea Empress as good as most places in Chinatown, though not to the level of the best ones in Monterey Park. (Sea Empress is under the same ownership as Empress Pavilion in Chinatown.) There are several new ones in Torrance that I haven't had a chance to try yet, but I will post a report when I do.

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          Actually, my understanding is that Sea Empress is not affiliated with Empress Pavilion, a sore spot with the owners of Empress Pavilion. Rather, the Sea Empress owner was originally the chef at Empress Pavilion, and is taking advantage of that connection. I believe Sea Empress is affiliated with Empress Harbor in Monterey Park, at the former Harbor Village location.

        2. Just checked out VIP Harbor on Wilshire and Barrington. Must have gone way downhill lately, as it was hardly palatable. The only things decent were the scallop and shrimp dumplings. The stuffed eggplant, the cilantro vegetable dumplings and the black bean sauce tasted like the filling literally came from a can of La Choy. Guess I'll have to trek further than a couple blocks from home and try some of the other places recommended, like the Empresses -- thx!