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Jan 10, 2008 09:27 AM

Recs for Visiting University Students

A group university students will be visiting the city this weekend. They have bigger appetites than wallets, andat least a couple of them know and appreciate good food even if they cant afford it.

They are staying near Madison Square Gardens. Any sugestions?

PS - doesn’t need to be a place that can handle a big group. They'll probably split up into reasonably sized mobs.

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  1. there's a cheap eats/street food that's pretty active right now. i would use that as a reference since there are a ton of suggestions for what you're looking for.

    1. Alta, Jeeb, lunch and drinks at Highline, and happy hour wings at 1849 are all great values for good food and frequented by many of my grad school friends.

      1. Polish diners are pretty standard for broke students when they first get to town.
        Veselka on 2nd Ave. is a good bet

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          Good call, although Veselka is Ukrainian. For Polish we head to Little Poland on 2nd Ave. Sunday brunch is also a good deal for students. From $13 for entrees and unlimited sangrias at Calle Ocho to $20 for gourmet and unlimited mimosas, bellinis or bloody marys at Nero. If you make it out to Brooklyn, also check out Sea for cheap Thai that's much better than you'd expect for the room full of "struggling" hipsters.