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Jan 10, 2008 09:01 AM

Streetfood in Rhode Island [Split from Boston board]

[Split from this thread:


The only things that come close are all in RI:

(1) Taqueria Pacifica - LA-style taco truck which now operates out of a shop (although I think the truck might still have scheduled routes); I think there are also various other taco trucks roving the city,

(2) Hot Dog cart by Chez Pascal - hot dogs a la Shake Shack,

(3) Veggie sushi bike cart - Never spotted it, though I think it was parking at the old Decatur Lounge,

(4) Haven Bros. - Classic RI street/truck food.

Has Providence become a center for street food? Sorry, no help with Boston and I guess I'll get deleted or moved.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's the guy selling hot dogs, sausages and burgers from a grill/cart at Kennedy Plaza in Providence (on Exchange Street across from the courthouse). I've only seen him there in summer. I'm not there often enough to know how seasonal his business might be.

      Does the Del's cart by Narragansett Town Beach count?

      1. Johnny and his wife could be found outside the nightclubs near the recess pub in Providence on certain nights. Not sure if he's still there. He serves up The BEST chicken and cheese sandwiches. It was his honey mustard sauce that made it. He also has the best sausage and peppers. steak and cheese etc.