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May 22, 2001 02:18 AM

Someone please help! In need of a good Coffee place or Cafe to socialize and meet others!

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I admit. I am a newcomer to the Los Angeles area, studying fashion design and wanting to get out, have a good time, and meet lots of people. I'm also a person who loves coffee (Starbuck's is my usual place) and so I'm looking for a place that's real cozy where lots of guys and gals go (and perhaps other artists) to hang out, socialize, and sip on scrumptous lattes.
Can anybody suggest any groovy places in the Los Angeles/southbay area?
Thanks so much!!

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  1. My friend swears by The Coffeehouse on Sunset Blvd, near Crescent Heights Blvd. It's on the edge of the strip, a few doors down from Dublin's and Miyagi's. The food is good (but pricey), the people interesting--trendy, young and friendly too. Some nights they have live music. On weekend nights, you'll see the club goers straggling in.

    A little further down is Buzz Coffee, in the mall with the Virgin Megastore. Great place to people watch if you sit outside on the patio. The added plus is that it's next to the Laemmle Theater, so you can grab a small bite or some mocha after watching an indie flick.

    If you're willing to drive, the tiny Aroma Cafe in Studio City has great ambience.

    1. The Bourgeois Pig is a cool coffee house to meet friends and make new ones. Good mix of people from the trendy types to artist and musicians from Silverlake/Los Feliz and clubbers from Hollywood blvd. and a few European travelers thrown in from the nearby hotels. It on Franklin Ave in Hollywood in an old ivy covered store front next to a magazine stand; very cozy atmosphere.

      Highland Grounds on Highland Ave north of Melrose is also a hip place to meet friends. This place gets too trendy on Friday and Saturday night for my taste.