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Jan 10, 2008 08:57 AM

Cheese Plates - Where is your favorite?

I LOVE cheese plates. My favorites, so far, are at Troquet and Tresca. Any other recomendations in greater Boston? Any price.

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  1. I don't think you can beat the cheese plate at Troquet, but I also like the selection at the Butcher Shop in the South End. Sel deLaTerre has a nice cheese plate as well, although I find them to be somewhat stingy.

    1. I always love the cheese plate at Eastern Standard. Also, I don't know if it counts, but the "Pick Plate" in the bar at Gargoyles always has great cheeses and that black truffle honey is out of this world.

      1. UpStairs on the Square used to have a nice cheese cart, but I haven't been there in quite some time.

          1. re: Rubee

            I second No.9. I love accompaniments too, they always complement the cheeses perfectly... marcona almonds, cherry compote, fig terrine.

            1. re: Rubee

              I'm also a fan of No. 9. Last time I was there I was asked what I liked and disliked. My request was fulfilled on what I liked, and they challenged me (in a CH way) to push my boundaries towards what I'm not so fond of and I had a delightful tasting. It was as though I were in the hands of a grand Sommelier...always top notch.

              I appreciate that No.9 always has a wide variety and you are not just given a pre-selected 3 or 4 slices and condiments/ complements

            2. Agree that Troquet's is fab. Second Gargoyles' pick plate. Also like the rotating selection at RendezVous. I've had mixed experiences with the one at Eastern Standard, but i think that has more to do with my taste in cheeses than the quality of the plate. Prezza's is incredibly generous for $14.