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Jan 10, 2008 08:51 AM

MSP 20-21 for dinner

Six of us are going to view the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker on Friday night and have rezzies for dinner at 8:30 afterwards. Any current thoughts on the menu? Any must haves? Any must avoids? Is''nt this a menu where you choose things to share according to your group size? Any help/thoughts much appreciated.

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  1. I had dinner at 20.21 about 2 weeks ago and enjoyed it, as always. I know some don't like the noise, but I enjoy the energy. Anyway, you can mix and match a bit as the entrees are pretty big and you can share or do things family style. As a reference, my husband and I usually get 2 starters, 1 entree and 1 side dish. The one best side we had last time was the blue cheese potato gratin. Not really Asian, but really good decadent and with a great gratin crust. I think its just a matter if you're interested in the more Indian style preparations or the Asian ones. Have fun!

    1. Heading here tonight for a late V-Day celebration. I'll post Monday with the results.

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        Wasn't in love with it. It's not that the food wasn't good, because it was. We started with the potstickers which were tasty, but a little meat heavy. I did like the sauce though-I'm a vinegar fan and it was pretty flavorful. I had the Shanghai Maine Lobster dish for my entree. It consisted of crispy spinach (very interested, deep fried, but stayed a vibrant green color), risotto, 1.5 pounds of lobster, and a yellow curry sauce. Very tasty, but I just kept thinking I could be on Eat Street and be just as happy. Who knew the place would be so small? I was expecting something bigger.
        The only negative I'd give is the service. For that kind of money I'd expect the best. Unfortunately our waitress kept having to come back and ask us what we had ordered because she had forgotten a mere 2 minutes later.
        I'd report on dessert, but we went to Sebastian Joe's instead. Oreo ice cream, yum.