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Jan 10, 2008 08:37 AM

Salads in WV?

Hi Chowhounders -

Where do you guys go for great salads in the WV [or Chelsea]? As long as I've been here can't find a great salad bar or go-to restaurant. Thanks for your help with a little healthy eating for the new year :)

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  1. I've looked at the Cowgirl menu before and it looks like they have good salads.

    1. Galanga, on W. 4th St., has some lovely Thai-style salads, including larb gai, crispy duck, green papaya, and grilled beef. They also have summer rolls (basically salad wrapped in a soft rice-flour crepe) and ceviche.

      1. my favorite salads are at 12 chairs on mcdougal, huge salads and honey mustard dressing to die for (though its probably not all that healthy)

        for salad ingredients (and a bar that looks pretty ok as far as salad bars go), try the fruit and vegetable exchange in chelsea market. For healthy lunch type places try snice or out of the kitchen

        1. Westville, Soy Luck Club, Doma, Grey Dog are all good places for salad... Westside Market on 14th and 7th has a pretty good make-your-own salad bar.