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Jan 10, 2008 08:13 AM

(D.C.) One Fish, Two Fish?

I've got a casual business meeting scheduled for tomorrow at One Fish, Two Fish in the Foggy Bottom area (I think it's on the same block as McFadden's). Anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. Never even heard about it. Is it new? I'm always on the look out for new fish restaurants (I assume its seafood from the name...would be odd if it was a steak house :) )

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      I hadn't heard of it before, either, although I now do have some vague memories of seeing a sign mentioning fish as I've driven down that block of Pennsylvania Ave, and wondering what it was for.

      Googling some more, I see that it appears to be a chinese+sushi place. The only reviews I can find of it are on Yelp, where it seems to be liked, but I discount that somewhat because 1) it's Yelp, and 2) half of the reviews appear to be from GW students who go there because it's on their meal plan, and I remember how enamored I was of Mick's and TGIFriday's when I was a GW undergrad and they were on the meal plan.

      Any 'hounds have any experience there?

    2. One Fish, Two Fish has been there FOR YEARS. At least since 1998ish. I don't know anything about it. If it's on a meal plan, i can't imagine it would be that great. But who knows......There is better chow to be had in that area, but my mind is drawing a blank now. (Marcel's is there though.)

      1. I used to work near there so would always get take out sushi, which was good and fresh. The place was packed at lunch but I think I ate in once. They also make good udon noodle soups.