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Jan 10, 2008 08:06 AM

Dinner for 5, near the Tower, before Ceremony of the Keys?

Hi all, we are taking our adult children with us to London the week before Easter. We are staying in a 3 bedroom flat near Albert Embankment,,(could use some recs there also). We are trying to be moderately frugal ;-). We love London and this our 7th trip there, but our children's first! We have 2 adventurous eaters, and one somewhat picky eater.

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  1. Having done the the Ceremony of the Keys several times, I can attest to the relative dearth of restaurants within walking distance. But there are two that I know of, although I have only eaten at one. We enjoyed Cafe Spice, 16 Prescott Street, on two occassions and highly recommend it. Also on our list for the next trip is Fina Estampa, 150 Tooley Street.

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      Someone can correct me, but I think the rather good Magdalen is now in the site which used to be Fina Estampa


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        I see the Magdalen listed at 152 Tooley. I also read this:

        >I was staggering home late last night and bumped into Richard, who runs the Peruvian Restaurant on Tooley Street. He tells me they are shutting in two weeks!!! Apparently, with all the new office building etc, the rent has been whacked up so high, him and his wife are calling it a day. That's progress I suppose. I thought some of you might like one last chance to enjoy a Chicken Lomo :-(<

        That was dated 2006.


      The one time I went to this place I really liked it, kind of French meets Californian cuisine if that makes any sense. This was a while back mind, haven't heard anything in recent times, don't think this place has ever featured on this board.

      1. Thanks all for the info! I saw the Dickens Inn somewhere in my in searches, and wondered if any one had knowledge of this place? We could eat elsewhere, but I don't want to herd the gang around Londontown :-D.

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          I've never been to the Dickens Inn, but it's in a cute little area very close to the Tower called St. Katherine's Docks. It looks nice from the outside...I think it's a pizza and beer kind of place. There are moorings at St. Katherine's so you'll find a number of shops and restaurants with a bunch of sailboats in the middle.

          Another option is to walk across Tower Bridge and go down the stairs on the left (east) side of the bridge. That will take you down to the Butler's Wharf area. There are a couple of high-end restaurants (Pont de le Tour, Butler's Wharf Chophouse, Cantina del Ponte) along with the chains (Pizza Express, Ask, Browns, All Bar One). Depending on what day of the week it is, you might cosider crossing the bridge and then making a right (west) on Tooley Street and going to Magdalen's. That's really nice.

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            Don't bother with the Dickens, nice setting, run of the mill food. I started my working life near Tower Bridge, worthwhile food options in that nabe were limited then (1995-97) and I'm not sure they've improved much since. If anywhere comes to mind I will post again.