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Jan 10, 2008 07:35 AM

Valentine's Day Set Menu

I know it's early, but does anyone have recommendations for Valentine's Day Dining packages?

Or did you have a great one last year that you would recommend?

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  1. Haven't seen anything advertised yet, but there has to be some place doing special dinners

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      I think the reason no one's replied to this yet is that there is a large majority of us who feel this is the worst day of the year to dine out. Why not make it romantic and make something you can share at home

      1. re: amysuehere

        I am with you on this one...Places usually have prefix menu's with inflated prices. No joining the masses to get medicore food on this night!

    2. Main Street Grill in Round Rock always has a nice selection. We did this a couple of years ago. They had the complete meal selections with dessert. We always have the Monica Salad which is baby field greens, candied nuts, blue cheese and strawberries with a wonderful balsamic dressing (that they bottle and sell in the restaurant). We chose the filet that night which was cooked perfectly, and had some type of chocolate mousse cake. We had reservations and the service was superb. Overall the experience was great.

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        We celebrate Valentine's Day on February 12th - the date of our first date. One year, we requested a reservation in the vault at Main Street and had an intimate dinner. We let the chef select our meal and were very happy with his selection and the service. It's a different chef now so I can't really comment with any accuracy on the current menu.

      2. It's now tradition with my husband and I... but we always have the Valentine's special at the Melting Pot. The package includes discounts on wine, some sort of goodie bag, and a gigantic feast. The new location here in Austin has great individual booths with frosted glass doors, so you have the romantic/secluded feel... even in a crowded restaurant.

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          Spacey me... I forgot to mention that we make our reservations for Feb 15th - and the deal is normally $30 off from the night before. :-) Same menu.

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            jensterx, just wondering...was it a special that took off 30 dollars from the menu? i called to reserve and asked about this discount and the person taking the reservation hadn't heard of it before. she said to call back on friday and by then she should know for sure if it's true.

            1. re: ktown378

              We met on the 15th, so that's always the night we go. I'm not sure if it's an advertised special or not... but the 3 or 4 times that we've been on the 15th, MP has always offered the Valentine's Big Night Out special to us on the 15th for I *think* around $120 when the night before it was $150.

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                oh, i know you meant the 15th, that's the day i made the reservation for. also, the menu online advertises for $120 already. so maybe starting this year they just made it cheaper?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We did Aquarelle a couple of years ago and it was very nice. I even brought the menu home and framed it for my kitchen wall. It was a memorable meal.