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May 21, 2001 07:20 PM

Aimee's in Redondo Beach

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Thanks to Richard Foss' suggestion, my wife and I had a superb dining experience on Friday night.

Aimee began the evening on the right foot: she is a vivacious woman, with a thick glasses and thick French accent, and by the time she sat us at our narrow table by the front door we were pretty much hooked.

The food was excellent and a reasonably good value. (Wine list is another matter: markup seemed about 250% for "value" bottles; e.g. Coppola Merlot for $35.) I had the prix fixe menu. Excellent and cheesy potato-Leek soup, moist sauteed salmon with a mustard/butter sauce, and a creme brule. My wife's food was the real star, however: sea bass with a balsamic vinagrette reduction. The softest, moistest, sweetest fish we've had...maybe ever. She polished off the whole thing and could have gone back for seconds.

We chose Aimee's over all the other fantastic suggestions (Cafe Pierre, Carafe, etc.) because (believe it or not) we really wanted a restaurant that featured live accordion music. The accordionist cranked up at around 8:15, and we were in heaven. Frankly, the food would have had to have been really bad for us to dislike a restaurant this comfortable, cozy, and friendly.

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  1. I'm pleased to hear that it worked for you! Alas, the wine prices at Aimee's are not merely high but sometimes weird - the difference in markup on bottles that seem to be of similar quality has been inexplicable. This isn't the only example of this that I've seen. Anybody out there know why bottles that sell for the same price in the store would have widely different prices in restaurants? The economics of the business is not my strong suit...